Simple Ways to Maintain Peace in Kenya.

  1. Respect everyone’s opinion/political views/religious views and beliefs: Each and every person in the world has their opinions regarding politics,religion and other beliefs. This are delicate areas which could easily cause wrangles in the society. To avoid chaos, we should air out our views in an appropriate manner showing respect for the other parties that have different opinions.
  2. Support those around you and encourage them to work hard: This includes family, friends and the needy in the society. Supporting each other emotionally, financially and spiritually could create peace, love and unity among us.
  3. Respect people’s freedoms and rights according to the constitution and societal norms: Deviation from this is luckily to cause conflict.
  4. Encourage inter-marriages among different communities: Inter-relations is luckily to bring peace in our society by reducing tribalism.
  5. Organize cultural events for different communities in order to accept and appreciate other peoples’ culture: It takes time before one can adopt and accept different cultures but if at all we try this, it could promote diversity in culture hence creating peace.
  6. Obey constitutional laws and orders: This is the core of it all. If we follow laws of the nation fully,the rate of crime will decrease leading to a more cohesive nation.
  7. Organize national prayer days at least once a year to commit the nation in God’s/ Allah’s hands: Sounds impossible but if at all one Sunday/Friday in the calendar is dedicated for this purpose, it could lead the country in the right direction. 
  8. Avoid politicising everything: Religious leaders should stick to religion, politicians should stop hiding in religion and the society should upheld its’ standards.

Children’s Rights Are Human Rights.

Children might not be considered to be grown enough to have rights but just like adults, children deserve to be treated right in accordance to the Children’s Rights Act.

I don’t interact with children as much but last year I became an aunt to my niece, and this year am a godmother​. This means I’ll have to interact with kids in one way or another. And I’ll ensure kids are treated in accordance to their rights since my niece and goddaughter fall under that category as well.
Ever since I cleared from College, I’ve been on the road for internship and jobs and that means am always somewhere different or the same place for sometime.
Since last year October, I’ve been working in Nairobi town and the drama that happens on the streets​ with children is just onto another level. Parents force/send their children to sell/force people to buy items/goods on the street. This is for pity purposes, they know if a kid follows you and even pull you behind, you will have to buy whatever items they’re selling out of pity while they’re watching from a far. Dare you touch that kid, it’ll be the end of you, maybe.
Other parents use their children to beg instead. They bring infants to the street with them so that people can pity them and give them money out of pity and for the child’s sake. It’s become a business which is generating good income for alot.
Others strike deals with other parents so that they can lend them their children and later in the day, they’ll return the child with some money of course.
This is what is happening in the streets and we’re wondering why street families are increasing in number.
No, am not saying all street families and children aren’t needy, yes most of them are, and I hope I could do something to help all of them but I know one day God will bless me enough to help most if not all of them.
As much as street families are needy and we the society are obligated to give them alms, those that are fit and healthy should struggle to get  blue collar jobs that they can handle. Laziness might be a setback but everybody has got to struggle for their own good and parents should ensure they protect their children from exploitation and give them the best they can.
As for everyone who hustles and makes a living using the right means, Happy Labor Day. May God bless the work of your hands.
Protect a child today, for he/she is the future of tomorrow.

Say No to Body Shamming and Colorism!

In the world that we live in today, there are so many people from different races, backgrounds, continents, with different bodies and appearances.

Most of the times, we notice beauty from people’s personalities and behaviors. But again we’re humans, we tend to judge people according to their physical appearance which is not something that I’d like the society to practice.
Have you ever been criticized/discriminated against because of your skin complexion or tone?
If so, then you’re being affected​ by coloursim, which is normally​ practised with people from the same race.
The society tends to think those with lighter skin complexion/tone are more beautiful compared to the ones​ with a darker skin complexion.
Well everyone has got their own opinion on physical appearance and looks but to me, I think all shades are beautiful, light or dark skinned human beings are beautiful beings.
Dark skinned people are treated like outcasts in the society which doesn’t add up because at the end of the day we’re from the same race and continent, and by this I don’t mean you should practice racism either.
I’ve faced colourism alot of times, I’ve complained but who cares anyway?
I know am dark skinned but I got nothing on light skinned people. I know they’re equally as beautiful as any other human being. I’ve ended up accepting that light skinned people are considered more beautiful, but that doesn’t make me feel any less beautiful, it’s just people’s opinions and yes there’s a right and freedom to opinion so I respect their opinion but I wish they’d open their eyes wider.
Another thing that the society faces especially in fields like modelling, is body shamming.
Many people are criticised and discriminated against because of their body shape and size.
Others are termed as shapeless which doesn’t make sense because each and every individual is shapeful and beautiful in their own way.
At times we end terming people as ‘too skinny’ or ‘too fat’ nobody feels so good about themselves after being called such names.
First, we should try understand why someone is the way they are, it could be a disease or condition that makes them the way they’re are. Instead of criticizing, we should make them better and make them realize that they’re just as beautiful as the rest of the humans.
Different sizes and heights shouldn’t be criticized, mostly, those who are short are the ones who get criticized. But we should realize the short people can be as helpful as the tall ones. In terms of height, the short people have mostly accepted their heights and don’t find it as a big deal when teased.
The society should learn to realize that people’s beauty are brought out according to their​ personality and not physical appearances.
These are some of the things that make people bleach, and go for beauty surgeries to enhance their bodies. If we appreciate ourselves first, there’s no way we’d criticize others.
We should accept each other the way we are and boost each other’s self-esteem.
Well nobody’s perfect but once you accept your flaws​,  you realize that you’re beautiful inside-out.

Competence Is The Cure To The Nation!

Dear Mr Politician, I don’t want your money,

I don’t want your propaganda
I don’t want you acting cool like a 16 year old,
I don’t want you making jokes of others
I don’t want you inciting my fellow citizens to fight against each other
I don’t want you hiding behind corruption and other evils of the society
I don’t want you touring the world, spending too much money while your country is in chaos
I don’t want you ignoring what you can actually see
I don’t want road blockage when you’re passing,
I want you to advocate for peace, love and unity amongst ourselves,
I want you to cater for the needs of every citizen,
I want you to ensure all Public servants are paid their wages and salaries at the right time and adequately to satisfy their needs
I want to offer more employment opportunities to the youths,
I want you to ensure famine and drought is dealt with
I want you to ensure all roads are passable
I want you to ensure there’s adequate water supply
I want you to clear the streets by providing homes for the needy
I want you to ensure the environment is well taken care of
I want  you to ensure there’s good correlation with other countries
I want you to be someone the citizens can confide in
I want you to associate with others freely without throwing shade
I want you to go to church but don’t make it a political strategy
I want you to attend funerals and send the dead in peace, and not as a campaigning opportunity
I want you to go to the local hospitals so that you can provide better equipments
I want your children to attends public universities, so that they can know the struggle is real
I want you to ensure there’s stability in our country,
I want you to provide a platform whereby everyone feels capable and equally treated!
I want you to ensure every Kenyan is free to express their feelings without being held hostage
I want you to ensure theres security in our country and all our borders
I want you to ensure the budget favors everyone,
I want you to ensure necessities are affordable and available at any given time
I want you to introduce basic,  and applicable classes in the curriculum
I want you to handle matters even before the citizens strike and demonstrate.
I want our country to be as peaceful as possible during this election period and always.
One people, one nation.