Simple Ways to Maintain Peace in Kenya.

  1. Respect everyone’s opinion/political views/religious views and beliefs: Each and every person in the world has their opinions regarding politics,religion and other beliefs. This are delicate areas which could easily cause wrangles in the society. To avoid chaos, we should air out our views in an appropriate manner showing respect for the other parties that have different opinions.
  2. Support those around you and encourage them to work hard: This includes family, friends and the needy in the society. Supporting each other emotionally, financially and spiritually could create peace, love and unity among us.
  3. Respect people’s freedoms and rights according to the constitution and societal norms: Deviation from this is luckily to cause conflict.
  4. Encourage inter-marriages among different communities: Inter-relations is luckily to bring peace in our society by reducing tribalism.
  5. Organize cultural events for different communities in order to accept and appreciate other peoples’ culture: It takes time before one can adopt and accept different cultures but if at all we try this, it could promote diversity in culture hence creating peace.
  6. Obey constitutional laws and orders: This is the core of it all. If we follow laws of the nation fully,the rate of crime will decrease leading to a more cohesive nation.
  7. Organize national prayer days at least once a year to commit the nation in God’s/ Allah’s hands: Sounds impossible but if at all one Sunday/Friday in the calendar is dedicated for this purpose, it could lead the country in the right direction. 
  8. Avoid politicising everything: Religious leaders should stick to religion, politicians should stop hiding in religion and the society should upheld its’ standards.

8 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Maintain Peace in Kenya.

  1. Hi Shann,
    Thanks for visiting my blog a few days ago. I’m sorry I couldn’t sooner to thank you for liking my post about plagiarism.
    In response to what you wrote: How awful there isn’t peace in Kenya. I have many readers from your part of the world but I had no idea of this trouble.
    It’s wonderful you write with great tips for helping the situation.

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