She struggles with a face
Putting on a mask of another
Pictures her face on her body since she has all it takes
Squeezes her mind on to her’s since she has a better IQ
She maps her words and reads her lips
She admires nothing more than just her physique
She gambles with her words while she mumbles her thoughts

She is afraid of her own skin,that she hides underneath her skull
She hides her true beauty just for “boy” child to notice her
Destroys her skin with more chemicals for a guy who never appreciates
If she only knew that all he wanted was her naturals

She admires the socialites, pleases the three legged tongue out boys
She forgets the present means tomorrow is near
Forgets her culture and worship the western
Glorifies the white, criticise the black and swears to be brown

She is tall when she…

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