Dreams Come True?

They say dreams come true but am seriously praying and hoping that this doesn’t come into reality.

On Saturday night, I had a terrible dream, or isn’t that what they call a nightmare?

I was apparently back in school, high school am guessing since I was with few of my classmates back then. We happened to be at a bus station close to school and it was flooded. The bus was coming close to pick passenger at the bus stop and the passengers drowned including ourselves. I struggled and I managed my way out of the water and helped my friends out as well. It was seriously terrifying.

When I woke up, I wondered what could be the meaning of that dream and the thing that came into my mind was pretty sensible. Here comes 2017 where elections are to be held. Am urging everyone who’s 18 years and above to practice their duty and vote for industrious leaders. This is because as the capital city, Nairobi, we have poor draining and pathetic environment. Poor draining leads to flooding and destruction of people’s lives and property.

Let’s get rid of that animosity amongst ourselves, let’s not bother which tribe the leader we’re selecting is. As much as we see the potential in them, that’s good enough.  Let’s decide as individuals without pressure or influence from the politicians, friends or even family. If you’re 18 years and above, you probably know how to make appropriate decisions all by yourself, so please decide for yourself. Practice that duty as a must do responsibility. If you don’t, an sure you’ll be the first person to complain of poor leadership in the country. Just try and select the leaders who will make our country a better place to be at. Kenya is a great beautiful land with beautiful people, let’s not underestimate our potential to making our country more beautiful.

Let all of us go to the ballot box next year and make a difference. Lets spread love, peace and unity amongst ourselves irregardless of tribe, background and different political views.

We are one people, full of potential, let’s not underestimate that. Let’s not allow that dream to happen.


Yours Is Precious

Hello my beautiful loyal viewers? Am aware it’s been long since I published an article but it always feels great to publish what’s in my mind.

So while I was away, quite alot happened that affected both myself and the environment around me.

First and foremost, I’ve been extra busy with internship and as much as it’s tiring and exhausting, I have to do it either way since I need a recommendation letter to graduate.

About a week ago, when I was from my internship, I was stolen from. No, not my phone, but my purse which had my national ID card, my school IDs,my business cards and some money to the extent of not having fare back home. I was literally stranded in town but fortunately, I managed to get some fare.

Yes, I was saddened. I didn’t understand why someone would seriously steal from me, I mean, what did I do you wrong?

I wasn’t worried about the money as much as I worked for it. The things that weighed me down were the hustles I’d go through to obtain another national ID and school IDs which I actually managed to get a waiting card for my national ID but school IDs are definitely going to be a hustle for sure. Why would someone steal what they’ve not worked for? They have no idea how it was worked for or the purpose it was to serve? That’s all that rang into my head and I didn’t get any answers.

If people would stop idling around and and aiming for other people’s things and instead grind irregardless of the hustle, the world would be a very very better place to be at.

The other day, in fact, two days after my purse stolen, we were in a ‘Matatu’ on our way back home in the evening. That evening silence where nobody wants noise or disturbance since everyone has had a different day and things to handle. While we were in traffic about to leave town, we heard screams in the ‘Matatu’ and  all of us had different thoughts from the scream. It was too loud to scare death out of you! Personally, too much things were going through my mind and I couldn’t think no more. Immediately she stopped screaming, the way was clear and the driver drove away with no hesitation. The poor girl’s phone was snatched from her and she was undergoing trauma that everyone can relate to. Especially teenager who love and fancy their gadgets.

Am not a sadist but normally on certain streets, the touts are kind enough to notify everyone to keep their belongings safe, but on this fateful day, none of that was mentioned since everyone is grown enough and passed there severally . So definitely we had an idea of that street. I have to say she was a don’t care to the point of texting while her window was open and there was traffic. But screamed loud enough to give a child a heart attack. As much as it was saddening, I have to put the blame on her.

In short we should take care of our belongings since you never know who’s the thief. Personally, I took a precaution and bought a padlock. Yes, I know it’s really funny but I lock my bag whenever am walking in the streets of Nairobi just to ensure no repeat of whatever happened.

I also have to mention am very proud of myself. I managed to convince some people to start conserving the environment and stop littering around and spitting as well. It’s very annoying to walk and see educated people littering around without caring and all they blame on is the condition of our country. Most people keep saying they can’t stop littering since almost everyone litters, but hey! It all starts with you. As much as you’re out there thinking you alone can’t make a huge difference in this world, you don’t know the potential you have. If each individual took it upon themselves to conserve the environment, by now, we wouldn’t be facing global warming and certain diseases. But since most of us like using collective terms, there’s no way we’ll progress if we’re dependent on what other people do, or have already done.

Another interesting thing that happened was that, an argument arose between a tout and a passenger when it started raining and the passenger stood up and went straight to the tout and told him “Gari yako inanyesha”  somebody help me translate that into English?

So it started raining and the passenger was pissed and they argued almost the whole journey. But when she got to her destination, she kindly told him ‘shukisha’  and he replied kindly too and infact made sure the driver stopped where there was no mad nor water. I was amazed at how they forgot about their argument and acted cool with each other. The only thing that I imagined was, what if everyone wouldn’t hold grudges? What if we all loved each other irregardless of fights and normal arguments?

Today I urge everyone to try and forgive whoever has wronged them, whoever has stolen from them even though yours is precious, just let go and let God. Work hard at whatever you do and never idle, never get tired of being a good person and taking care of our environment. It belongs to us, and we’re the ones who suffer whenever it’s exploited.

Let’s live in Peace, Love and Unity!