Blessing Or Curse?

What’s technology? What’s it’s impacts on the children? teenagers? youths? old people?

Is the impact positive or negative? Or maybe neutral?

It’s evident that everyone uses technology at whatever point in their lives, it doesn’t have to be daily or a normal routine but either way, all of us need technology to undertake some duties,missions and activities.

As for the children, their use of technology might not be as advanced as for the rest of the members of the society. Mostly what the kids would do with the internet is probably playing games,downloading games,watching cartoons and also movies. At the end of the day, the kids end up happy, satisfied and therefore they don’t have to be victims of negative impacts of technology unlike teenagers and youths who are young adults!

Well I don’t intend to suggest that teenagers and youths use technology in the wrong manner or anything since they tend to benefit from it much! We’ll have to agree that due to technology education has taken a step ahead by enabling further research and even introduction of courses which actually never existed in the past! Technology has apparently made work easier in different angles of life.

For the adults or rather old people, since they tend to be worn out it also comes in handy whereby they need washing machine,dish washer, coffee maker, and all other electronics needed in the house to handle major tasks that the old wouldn’t handle in their situation.

It’s evident enough that technology not only has positive impacts but also has negative impacts but it’s also true to state that the positives outdo the negatives!

Banking has been made easier thanks to technology, mining activities also made possible by accessing the mining sites, E-Learning, agricultural activities made easier since preparations for farming have been made faster and introduction of better farming methods and equipment and even fertilizers,pesticides and insecticides improved.

On the other hand, technology has totally led to laziness! Laziness has actually been taken to another level. First and foremost, most young people are relying on the machines to handle tasks rather than actually handling them, a good example is using the washing machine even to wash inner wears! That’s just too sad for parents who don’t monitor the use of electronic devices in their homes.

Idleness is another effect! Many people would rather stay a whole day watching a movie or tv than handling and doing useful things that could add value in their lives! Others would rather text all day, all night long! Some would actually prefer insulting other people on social media which is an offence I believe.

It’s no secret that technology has somewhat contributed to the posting of pornographic scenes in the internet and even websites made regarding pornography! It’s a sad fact! Terrorism has been increased due to technology since they’re more arms and weapons in the world.

Well I might not have stated all the benefits and demerits of technology but we all know better! Technology is here to stay and all we’ve got to do is cope up with it to ensure it serves us for the right purpose and mission.

Day in day out, new inventions are made and if we decide to be slaves to technology, we’ll be like zombies! And all we’ll be waiting for is the sun to rise and set! A wise decision will be needed in this matter!




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Future Brighter Than Upbring!

I do believe that each and every person in this world was brought up and raised in a different manner, in a different background and with different beliefs!   I keep telling myself that how I was raised doesn’t determine my future but it does make me the person that I am today. The manner in which one is raised determines their character and behaviors as well. Parents and guardians have to be very careful in the manner in which they raise their children!

This is simply because the children’s character will be compared to that of their parents or guardians. If brought up in a Godly manner, children will tend to be God fearing even if sometimes they make mistakes, well nobody’s perfect in this world!

When children are brought up in a rich family, they’ll tend to be bossy if their parents do not teach them courtesy and how to relate with other people in the society. Most of the rich kids happen to be lazy and braggadocio! They do not take school seriously because they’ve got it all anyway. This makes the children from humble backgrounds feel inferior and out of place. But one thing the kids coming from humble backgrounds should learn is that, their upbringing doesn’t determine their future but it is meant to sharpen and prepare them for the future!

It doesn’t really matter if one comes from a rich or humble background, what really matters is how they take the current situation they are in and how they tend to change it and make it better! Most of us would love our children to have better lives than ours. Go to better schools than the ones we managed to go to, have adequate protection against social evils, have all the basic needs for their well being. But before we get to think of that , we’ve got to think of the steps to undertake to achieve our goals and objectives for a better future! Personally, I’d love to make all the street children my children by building them a home, a place they can sleep peacefully, get food without begging for it, having adequate security without having to fight, have a goodnight sleep without depending on drugs! That looks so easy hence so hard to achieve! But the best part is, I’ve got a goal that I’m struggling to achieve! Everyone should have a particular objective that they’ll love to achieve for the betterment of the society and themselves as well. Ensure that they get to live a better life than the one their parents managed to provide them with. I’m sure all parents expect their children to be successful and that’s their daily prayer! We ought not to disappoint them at all, but make them proud of us. The best you can give your parents is being successful in life in the most appropriate manner and not through handling shady, illegal businesses!

All in all, my main intention is to let everyone know that however they’re brought up, they should do their level best and ensure their future is much better than that! Since there’s improved technology, improved education system and also many youngsters happen to be very creative and capable of handling anything and everything in this world! #StayFocused!



It has come to my attention that there’s lack of balance in Kenya and Africa at large.

The gap between the rich and the poor tends to be large and the governments don’t seem to really work on that matter! Instead, they keep handling unnecessary businesses that don’t benefit the common citizens!

I have no idea how the government plans it’s budget or how it spends it’s finances but I’d highly recommend that they should increase expenditure but not for the sake of the politicians but the common citizens!

Many youths who’ve graduated from colleges and universities are jobless and sometimes I wonder why I even go to school! This might make many teenagers and youths drop out since they already know there are no job opportunities in the country! All these is due to rampant corruption, tribalism fraud and misappropriation of funds. Political differences might also lead to unfair distribution of funds in some regions in the country.

Kenya is not developed as a whole, oh well I almost forgot it’s a developing country. But that doesn’t give the politicians the right to take advantage of their position as leaders and steal from the citizens. I’m sure they’re allocated with some funds for development of different regions and areas in the country but after every term of leadership, it’s always the same!

As citizens, not only Kenyan citizens but citizens of any given country, we should know our rights and shouldn’t be manipulated to vote for leaders who will exploit us! Petty amounts of money for bribes to select a certain leader might lead to pathetic results afterwards.

The leaders selected should be competent, highly educated whereby they know what’s best for the country and probably know the right decisions to make. They should have goals to achieve and not propaganda they pass through the media during campaigns !

On the streets of Nairobi, there are many street children and families and that’s way sad. If it was up to me, I’d ensure most of them if not all, have a place they can call home. It’s sad not being capable to afford basic need

All in all, I won’t deny that most people in the world are hustling hard and struggling to make it in life, to have a better life than the life they grew up! A little effort daily can lead to something big not soon enough but patience pays as well.

As a teenager, I’d like to urge all other teenagers, youths and all young people to add a little more effort on whatever they’re doing, life is a game and only the best players afford to score and win! Everyone wants to be rich or rather comfortable but before all that happens, you have to struggle a little and be uncomfortable a little! Comfortable people don’t have to work but when uncomfortable, you’ll struggle to be comfortable and that will be good for you!

I believe everyone has got what it takes to be whatever they want to be only if they’re determined, persistent,courageous, hardworking, creative since not everyone is capable of using their education! Although it is necessary to study but creativity always comes in handy. And always put God first! Because no one can be without Him although many pretend to be superior, at the end of the day they lay down in their beds and say “Thank you God”

Let’s pray for the world to be a better place to be in, and that one day even those in the streets will have a home and good leadership will be into place sooner than expected!

The Festive Season!

Here comes December and everyone is very excited about it! It’s a good feeling all the same.

Some people tend to wait for December in January. This is the time when families unite all over the globe . It is the time when all schools are closed and most parents are on a leave! Some families would prefer going for vacations,others going to upcountry or rather “Ushago”,others would prefer staying home and making family moments, others would prefer committing their time to the needy people in the society.

December is a month just like any other but happens to be important to Christians since it’s the month Jesus Christ was born but all the same all religions celebrate it either way so it’s a uniting factor!

This month also happens to be the time whereby musicians would make use of their talents and compose songs about Christmas which really earns them a fortune I’d say since everyone is always in the Christmas mood.

As much as we tend to have a good time as families, friends or a couple, we shouldn’t forget about the less fortunate people in the society . The little you share with them, they’ll always appreciate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money or food, even just your time will be enough for them to appreciate. But share food too and clean water since water is life!

It’s that time of the year where you just feel love in your heart to do everything useful in your life and other people’s life as well. But all in all, we should be very careful because not everyone that smiles for you is for you! This happens to be the time of the year where much evil goes on. Terror attacks, accidents on the roads, kidnapping of children, and much more.

It’s thereby everyone’s responsibility to take care of themselves and those they love. For those who drive it’s advisable not to drink and drive! Although this has been repeated over and over, some drivers never seem to care. But for those who would like to make the world a better place would rather do the right thing and stay safe!

As for me, I wish everyone in the world a blessed festive season and Merry Christmas in advance. Stay safe wherever you are and make sure you accomplish your resolutions before the year ends!

Always remember to share what you have because it’s not your right! And you’re not lucky, you’re just blessed!