Mob Justice Is Not Justice!

The world is made up of different people with different personalities from different backgrounds with different perspectives on different matters.

I do believe that mob justice is not the best way to get rid of a thief, murderer,rapist and any other person who commits a crime in the society.

Most idle people would hang around and wait for someone to commit a crime and go ahead stoning the person and even burning up the person.

No crime deserves death in form of mob justice irregardless of the situation. It’s better to report the person to the relevant authorities to be dealt with rather than participating in the act and ending up in prison the same place he/she would have ended up in. It doesn’t cost a thing  to think out of the box and do what’s right for yourself and for your well-being.

If doing things for others costs you alot, just do what’s best for you since it matters and you deserve the best!



African Fashion Fusion

Concept Images and S&M Modelling Agency presents African Fashion Fusion on 20th August 2016 from 6pm till late.

Come celebrate African Fashion and Culture with us. We’re promotion upcoming designers,models,poets,musicians, photographers, and much more.

Grab your advance ticket at 500/= at Central Park from 15th July from 12noon. Getting an advance ticket grants you a free shoot of upto 10 pictures.

In case you miss out on the advance ticket, there’s a fee at the gate, 800/=.


Concept Images Photography

Started just months ago by Brian Luvaga and seems to be doing just great. So far so good, aiming at greater heights as time goes by.

Working in conjunction with S&M Models and DreameKenya Designs. Sooner or later, the three are going to be the best in the world, all in God’s hands.

A major photoshoot going down on 2nd April at Arboretum. Contact the number in the poster above for great, clear, and quality pictures at an affordable price. You don’t get this offer daily.


Dreamline Kenya Design

Initially started in 2015 but is into action more in 2016, all Ankara outfits are available, shorts,blazers, dresses,skirts, shirts,trousers all available at Dreamline Kenya Designs.

Dresses also available, denim, sweatpants, tops, and basically everything classy,sassy,trendy and quality. 

Shop at Dreamline and you’ll never regret. Working in conjunction with S&M Models and Concept Images.

Dresses go for Kshs 500/= only and denim jackets also at Kshs. 500/= only for deliveries. As for Ankara, it depends with the type of material.

For orders of dresses, a shoot, or to hire models, 

S&M Models

_MG_0572.jpgS&M Models is a modeling agency working in conjunction with Dreamline Kenya Designs and Concept_Images Photography. The models are for hire as well for quality services, unlike many agency which only have light skinned models,I prefered having dark skinned ones and a few light skinned as well.