One Lovely Award 2017

Thank you for the nomination. I love your poetry, each and every piece you post is catchy and captivating. Get some time and check out her blog. It’s very interesting.

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Facts About Me
1. I own a Modelling Agency, Concept World Modelling Agency.
2. I have 70 original unrecorded songs.
3. I love pink.
4. Am 5″3.
6. I love fashion but I prefer blogging about matters that affect the society directly and indirectly.
7. Am clean but messy.

My nominees are:
Each and every blogger nominated has great content and highly talented and passionate about blogging!
Much love.


Tinah’s House of Design

Christine Ndegwa inspired by those who are proud to be African and comfortable in their skin has launched the Independently African Collection.

Working in conjunction with Concept World Modelling Agency and Concept World Kenya Photography, she’s managed to showcase her designs.

Her intentions were to make African wear look fashionable and stylish. She’s ensured there’s everything for everyone. All sexes and all ages.

To get the designs at the most affordable price:

The name of the Collection:- Independently African
Contacts:- +254718514037



Customer Care Doesn’t Care!

Each and everyday, we associate with different people in different angles of life. And most are the times we expect the best treatment!

Especially when you’re new to an institution, company, hotel or even the hospital.
The first people we always run to are those at the customer care desk.
We expect them to be polite and ready to help but this isn’t the  case always.
I’ve had a couple of bad days with the customer care.
There’s this time I wanted to close an account with a certain bank somewhere in Nairobi town. I walked into the banking hall and I was directed to the customer care desk for assistance. I asked for the process to follow up and close the account and I was handed a document to fill in.
I couldn’t fill the form, well apart from my name and date since I don’t recognize with financial terms.
Not being familiar with financial terms, I asked almost everything, but the lady didn’t seem to be very happy with me asking for assistance. I mean it’s your work, why can’t you kindly help out?
She gave me bad eyes and siezed me as if I was a retard, she kept on exclaiming “Gosh” and in my mind am like “What the hell”
I mean if it wasn’t for the customers, she would have been unemployed, so why wouldn’t she serve me politely?
Is it cause am small? Or was it cause I was closing the account? Or do I look broke not to be served like the rest?
Well I let her slide with that one, but I wouldn’t like to see that happen day in day out in our society. We should share the bad experiences we get so as to make others cautious of how they treat others.
It’s not like I couldn’t cause drama and scream at her or give her bad eyes, but I really wonder which College or University she went to. Cause am sure she did a related course, and I bet she wasn’t taught to “Gosh!” at clients!
Another incident happened whereby I lost my Identification Card for the second time. Oh yeah! I know you’re thinking “Gosh she’s careless!” No, am not, the first one I was robbed and the second one I happened to misplace it, well I can’t remember where.
So I went to Huduma Center, queued for the longest time possible since I wanted to use my ID to handle a couple of things, and I also heard it’s a crime to be 18 years and above without an ID.
When it was my turn, I went to the desk where I was to be served, but there’s this lady who wasn’t in my moods, she looked at me and asked, “Why are you here?”, Innocently I replied, “It’s my turn,” Well I wasn’t so kind this time due to the previous experience.
The woman started yapping saying there’s no empty desk bla bla bla, so I stood aside, and when a certain gentleman finished serving another person, I went next. The lady wouldn’t just mind her own business, she still snooped to see what I had come for. She looked at the gentleman who had taken the police abstract form and asked for it.
Then she looked at me and asked, “When did you last apply for an ID?”
“October,” I replied, she got rude and told me I couldn’t get an ID untill 3 months were over, I looked at her with disbelief, wondering what was wrong with her.
The gentleman noticed I wasn’t pleased by her treatment and explained why I coudn’t get a replacement of my ID.
I was shocked and couldn’t understand what ‘Huduma kwa wote’ meant, I mean, that’s their slogan, service to all.
I was so mad, I spoke about it for days and complained alot, I planed on how I would get revenge but seems like I can’t get rude. I had also planed on how I would go scream at the other lady who “goshed” me alot but when I got there I was calm and couldn’t do a thing.
Well I do understand customer care employees don’t get the best treatment at times, but hello! That’s your work, you have to be calm, reserved, smile all the time even when you’re not in the moods, treat everyone equally and do your work accordingly.
I have studied PR, so yes I deal with alot of rude people but hardly do I get rude, I control my anger issues and act fine even when a client is a pain in the throat. If I scream at them, I might get fired, but if they shout at me, I have nothing to lose, since nothing’s personal, am not mixing work and my personal life.
So dear customer care employees, be nice, it doesn’t cost a thing! Treat everyone equally, I mean, even when it’s a young, small person, they still deserve that respect you give others!
Am so sure those ladies wouldn’t treat a CEO somewhere the way they treated me.
Gender biaseness is another thing, just because  am female doesn’t mean am in competition with you, I just came to get served and mind my own business!
Females tend to give other females bad treatment and services, simply because they’re scared they’ll get better than them!
Ladies, we’re better than that! It’s not always about competition!
Think beyond that competition and do your work as expected!
I just wish everyone would treat everyone equally without discrimination but showing them love!

Life’s too short to be all about the competition!

The Face Of Reality!

When I was young, there’s nothing I respected and honored more than being a grown up.

I couldn’t understand how they managed to handle alot of chores and at the same time care for each and every member of the family, friends and other relatives.
To me, grown ups were supernatural beings who didn’t even fart or make  mistakes. I respected and admired their capability to handle almost everything.
When I was a teenager, I got to realize how caring and protective grown ups were, how they ensure you complete your assignments on time, ensure you don’t involve yourself with gangs and cliques around, and also ensure you sing Christmas carols every Christmas and that was never negotiable.
When I finished school and was all grown where I could accompany myself anywhere and everywhere, I got to realize the grown ups I knew back at home are different from the grown ups I don’t recognize with. They tend to pretend to be perfect and condemn everything wrong that others do, they pretend to know it all while there is some basic knowledge they lack.
They’re the loudest in public places to be recognized and be respected. They’re the fastest to judge while they do the same things.
They want to be known as powerful and respectful people, they want to boss other people’s children while they can’t handle their own kids. They want to scream and shout at others but won’t take anyone shouting at them.
They’re quick to curse while they’re the ones on the wrong!
I mean, what happened to the grown ups I grew up knowing?
Was it all up for show?
So that children don’t grow up having a negative perspective of them?
I don’t understand grown ups but they should respect youngsters too!
We do have a say and we deserve to be listened to, our opinion and views matter equally.
Don’t let a grown up out there make you feel like you’re not worth living and being yourself!
Be yourself, and focus only on the positives, ignore the negatives and live life as supposed to!
Nobody can escape adulthood, but it depends which type of an adult you are!