Hello beautiful people. Am hoping your year has started well and will end great.

As the year just started, am here to inform you what should be in your 2017 resolutions list.
This year, you should try helping not only yourself but also those around you.
You don’t have to be the normal 21st century girl, boy, lady, gent, father, mother or grandparents. Be on your on level.
Do what you think is right and appropriate. The society doesn’t have to approve it since these days the society approves even what’s inappropriate.
So it has come to my attention that many people would rather help others to have merry but not in the time of need.
I mean, who doesn’t see these in the news almost daily?
A couple would rather be sponsored to have a fabulous wedding but people in North Eastern Kenya are dying of hunger and poverty.
Nobody cares to provide for a single family or a even a child.
Nobody wants to clear the streets and have a home for the homeless, but alot of people will struggle to help those in power to be in power again and again until they can’t be in power anymore. And if I a may ask, what do those in power do in return?
Nothing, totally nothing, but when time for campaigning comes again. They’re the first people to come to our villages to plead for our votes, promising what they promised us during the last elections and nothing was accomplished.
All am saying is that we need to be informed. We need to be wise, we need to be a little more careful and critical than the normal 21st century people.
For one to be helped these days, there has to be a story in the media for them to be assisted.
If you’re not famous and popular sorry for you, nobody will even notice when you die.
The rich and famous have a way of influencing the average people into doing what they desire.
If they’re ailing they’ll influence us to support them and oh yeah! We’ll contribute all our pennies to ensure they get an adequate amount needed by the hospital or whatever it is they’ll be handling.
But for our fellow average people, we criticize, we hate, we discourage them from being what their potential can allow. Because we’re blinded. We don’t see beyond that rich and famous person. Well yes, some of them do help the needy, but at times I think they do it as a publicity stunt.
Others might be doing charity because they want a larger fun base or for reasons best known to them. But again am sure others do it for their good will. That great feeling you get after making someone feel better and you just feel great and you wish to do it forever just to put a smile on someone’s face.
Recently, alot of youngsters have been dying and it’s not pretty at all. It’s sad how the parents of the next generations to come are dying mercilessly. I wouldn’t blame that on anybody, but I bet they had accomplished their mission here on earth. God knows better.
Carol Mumbua a young spirit who left us early this month has been begging and pleading with Kenyans to help her raise a sum of 3.8 million  to come back home from India. She was discharged but couldn’t leave the hospital due to an alarming hospital bill.
She begged us all to help out by sending any amount to the paybill 891300 and account number 8557 but upto now the full amount hasn’t been raised. What makes people think they’ll never be in a sticky situation and need help?
I remember sometime back a media personnel needed help and whoa!
All the rich and famous people supported her and within no time the amount needed was raised. But because Carol wasn’t famous, people are pretending they haven’t heard of her story while they’ve seen it on social media sites but nobody wants to help a soul rest in peace. Currently, her body is still in India and the more she stays there, the higher the bill accumulates.
As per now only 38% of the target amount has been raised. Please good people do something, help her come back home  and be laid to rest.
I know most of you have seen the paybill and account on social media and you tend to ignore it, please don’t ignore this, please contribute the little you have, it’ll add up to something.
Help those in need and God will reward you Himself😊
Think about it!
Am hoping this year will be great for everyone, you’ll learn how to live with others in peace, love and unity. And help those who need you in desperate times. It doesn’t pain anywhere to help others.
Regards, Madonna.

11 thoughts on “#BringCarolHome

  1. She was my former High school mate and I’m sure that even the school did nothing to help her. How sad and unfortunate. We should get schools to rally such campaigns to enable them have greater voices. We need the young generation healthy and wise for they are the future generation. Amazing set piece.

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