Mob Justice Is Not Justice!

The world is made up of different people with different personalities from different backgrounds with different perspectives on different matters.

I do believe that mob justice is not the best way to get rid of a thief, murderer,rapist and any other person who commits a crime in the society.

Most idle people would hang around and wait for someone to commit a crime and go ahead stoning the person and even burning up the person.

No crime deserves death in form of mob justice irregardless of the situation. It’s better to report the person to the relevant authorities to be dealt with rather than participating in the act and ending up in prison the same place he/she would have ended up in. It doesn’t cost a thing  to think out of the box and do what’s right for yourself and for your well-being.

If doing things for others costs you alot, just do what’s best for you since it matters and you deserve the best!