Competence Is The Cure To The Nation!

Dear Mr Politician, I don’t want your money,

I don’t want your propaganda
I don’t want you acting cool like a 16 year old,
I don’t want you making jokes of others
I don’t want you inciting my fellow citizens to fight against each other
I don’t want you hiding behind corruption and other evils of the society
I don’t want you touring the world, spending too much money while your country is in chaos
I don’t want you ignoring what you can actually see
I don’t want road blockage when you’re passing,
I want you to advocate for peace, love and unity amongst ourselves,
I want you to cater for the needs of every citizen,
I want you to ensure all Public servants are paid their wages and salaries at the right time and adequately to satisfy their needs
I want to offer more employment opportunities to the youths,
I want you to ensure famine and drought is dealt with
I want you to ensure all roads are passable
I want you to ensure there’s adequate water supply
I want you to clear the streets by providing homes for the needy
I want you to ensure the environment is well taken care of
I want  you to ensure there’s good correlation with other countries
I want you to be someone the citizens can confide in
I want you to associate with others freely without throwing shade
I want you to go to church but don’t make it a political strategy
I want you to attend funerals and send the dead in peace, and not as a campaigning opportunity
I want you to go to the local hospitals so that you can provide better equipments
I want your children to attends public universities, so that they can know the struggle is real
I want you to ensure there’s stability in our country,
I want you to provide a platform whereby everyone feels capable and equally treated!
I want you to ensure every Kenyan is free to express their feelings without being held hostage
I want you to ensure theres security in our country and all our borders
I want you to ensure the budget favors everyone,
I want you to ensure necessities are affordable and available at any given time
I want you to introduce basic,  and applicable classes in the curriculum
I want you to handle matters even before the citizens strike and demonstrate.
I want our country to be as peaceful as possible during this election period and always.
One people, one nation.

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