What If … !

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They say you are an all-consuming fire

the Alpha and Omega the beginning and

the end, good and forgiving and living in

your love that stretches from

everlasting … to everlasting.

They say you give strength to the weary,

increase the power of the weak and bring

the dead to life. you; father to the

fatherless, home for the homeless you;

King of kings and Lord of lords who

created the cosmos without losing count

of the hairs on my head. They say you are

God and when I think about you God I ask

what if all the things they say are true,


What if the songs we sing are more than

a metaphor

what if Bible verses are more than a

cute Twitter bio, what if when we pray

we’re not just talking to ourselves, what

if it’s all more real than our current

definition of reality…

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