Hello beautiful people,  it’s been long since I’ve been wondering which type of blogger I am so that I could take part in Blogger’s Awards next year.

I know it’s such a big step to take and of course in every competition everyone hopes and wishes they win! But as for me, if I get nominated, it’s already a big thing to me. I realized that am a Rant Blogger, I always speak my mind but respect other people’s opinions and views as well.

Trying to make the world a better place for each and everyone.


Meanwhile, let’s appreciate our environment and ensure our wildlife is protected against unauthorized hunters!


As children grow up, the only thing they know and identify with is their mothers. Their first utterance is mom, mama or mommy. Has anyone ever wondered why little kids never utter dad or daddy as their first utterance? Oh well, is it because fathers are always busy making money leaving all the ‘donkey work’ to mothers? Is it because they don’t care about kids until they’re grown and successful so that they can take credit?

Have you ever been left with a kid less than 10 years old ? For a day or few hours? The struggle and torture they make someone go through is just hell on earth!

Children can be the most annoying thing on earth and the most adorable little things in life at the same time. A combination of the two can only be handled by their mothers. Not even siblings!

According to me, being a mother is too much ‘donkey work’ but mothers manage it anyway. Aren’t they just super natural beings? All the hustle and bustle they undergo to raise and tolerate their children from day one to maturity is just amazing. Personally, I don’t think I can do all that mothers do for their children. How on earth do they tell when their kids are sick and where they’re ailing exactly?

I know it’s not Women’s Day or Mothers Day but I appreciate all the mothers in the universe for a job well done. Not for having all the money in the world, not for having the best career in the world, but for raising their kids appropriately. For accepting both pain and joy brought about by their kids and loving them in the most wonderful manner regardless the situation.

Why can’t

everyone take a challenge today? Text, call or if close, tell your mom you love her and appreciate her for everything she’s done for you. Make her feel loved.

Influence to Lifestyle

I won’t even act innocent or lie, but when I was in high school ,I used to fancy smoking and I thought it was everything cool a girl would do. Keeping in mind am a hip-hop fanatic I gained a lot of influence from hip-hop artists, especially international artistes! I don’t know how they do it but they seriously make it look hot and amazing to try out! As far as am concerned, Sharon Madonna always loves the spotlight and to be considered cool! That’s when I was 14 years. I just couldn’t wait to finish high school and turn  19 years, ‘rebellious nineteen ‘ they say. I had lied to myself how I’d be rebellious, break all the rules I know and make my parents and guardians disown me maybe?

When I finished high school and eventually turned ‘rebellious nineteen’ ,everything was a joke, none of my crazy and come to think of it, they were kind of stupid, happened, I think it’s just growing up and maturing. Although I sometimes do get a feeling about all that then I just make fun of it and laugh over it. It’s actually the best thing to do, if I don’t laugh about it I might just get myself smoking and burning up! And eventually die due to lung  cancer. Get my teeth discoloured and oh well my teeth tend to be one of my best parts since they happen to be super white thanks to Colgate, so no, that kind of discourages me from smoking , and also bad breath and have funny lip colour and probably add weight since I heard one tends to eat a lot after smoking weed and whatever people smoke, all that for a hype moment? No thanks, sometimes ego makes someone be sensible and make appropriate decisions.

It’s come to my attention that a lot of youngsters are dying  at a very alarming rate and it’s all in the name of being ‘cool kids’ all I see on social media is wild parties with all different types of drugs and alcohol, weed ,sheesha/hookah and so on, and all this is considered the ultimate life! Oh well I do agree that it’s a hippie generation but all in all, everyone has to know their ground and stand up for themselves! I don’t understand why cliques are considered cool and the in thing, I prefer doing me and well a couple of friends but not tagging ourselves around like #Squad #Clique and so on, I just think it’s too childish and immature but anyway everyone has their own definition of being cool !

My sister keeps telling me how her friends are dying mysteriously and she highly suspects it’s all in the name of sheesha/hookah smoking, I don’t think it’s hygienic since a whole troupe of people gets to share the same pot ,that’s not even the issue, sharing the pipe is the deal, a lot of diseases could be transmitted through that, but the hippie generation is too busy to think of that! Cardiac arrest happens due to many reasons and I guess smoking is one of them, if you think you have to die earlier than expected without accomplishing your dreams and goals, you could just do it, but if I were you, I’d think twice. Life’s too short to waste on hookah.

As a young Miss, I’ve been looking for money to start up my music career and here I am still searching, I just wonder where these kids get the money to invest in drugs! Why can’t they lend me I invest and they’ll get a profit? I don’t think drinking once in a while is such a bad idea and in limited amounts but who follows that rule anyway?

Each and everyone in this world has their own motivation, as for me, there’s a time I was watching NTV +254 Discovery, and there’s this pretty young lady who’s around 25 years old I think, she talked of how her friends used to do all the crazy things in life and as for her, she was into fashion and modelling, so she decided to open her own agency while 19 years, and now she’s doing all great, she’s now the manager of Courture Magazine, it’s a big thing, and quite classy and sassy. All this made me have a great idea of  being 19, with the help of my brother and sister, I actually got to start my own agency, S&M Models, it’s been such an amazing journey so far . Although it’s not all big as per now, we’re aiming at greater heights! At least I didn’t turn out to be ‘rebellious nineteen’

Have you ever wondered why good girls are considered boring? But you’re just there like, am chasing dreams and making paper? And wish all the bad girls would just watch your pace and admire you? That’s what is always on my mind, I wish everyone had a better perception of life than mine! But people are different so are their dreams!

All am tryna say is that youngsters shouldn’t be influenced by celebrities or peers or no one to try out stuff that are addictive! I mean celebrities do it for the money and the game and most of them don’t really do drugs behind cameras, but since they know they’re influential, they do whatever they like since they’ll trend and earn  more. Everyone should know their grounds and stand up to them!

#AntiDrugCampaign #StayDrugFree

Skills VS Exams!

Who else gets chills once an exam timetable is out?

Do you start asking yourself questions like, if my parents gave me my fees ever since I started school, how far would I be now? Maybe a business owner, with your own money because seriously there’s too much investment in education! Sometimes you look at your fee structure and thank God you’re not the one paying fees! who’s with me?

Anyways, am not a school drop out and am not planning on doing so but it’s just too disturbing to handle somethings in school which actually never apply in real life. For instance let’s talk about Chemistry, how many people are applying it as per now? Apart from those handling the courses associated with it? And some Biology which is too complex! I do understand Biology is somehow applicable but I think the basics should be thoroughly taught rather than the rest of unnecessary topics ! Which are just meant to cram to pass exams rather than actually applying and using in daily life situations.

I think all of us should be taught all the basics at ago for like one to two years then people to be divided according to what they want to specialize in! Doctors and engineers could be grouped together for sciences and those interested in arts left to handle what’s required for them. I don’t think history should be examined, they should be taught to familiarize students with their cultures and traditions and anything useful needed to be known. That would be more interesting and enjoyable at the same time and quite memorable.

Exams are just too crazy for life, or am I the dumb person here?

I prefer everyone imparted with knowledge and skills rather than forced to cram and pass and forget immediately what you just studied! That’s just training robots in our society.

Mathematically wise, I’d prefer if only, division, multiplication, addiction and subtraction were taught cause basically only those ones apply, who’s with me? Or who applies calculus, locus and integration?

Am not tryna be political but I’d highly appreciate if the education system would be revised and made better I mean I’ve talked to most of my friends and all of them are just against the 8-4-4 system and the curriculum and syllabus all together, and am so with them, some things are just useless and we’re forced to stay in classes and study since fees is paid and you have no option, who would like to waste their parents’ money by dropping out!? Not me.

Either way, school’s still important but it would be more important and useful if we were taught stuff that makes sense, I honestly don’t understand how chemical formulas in chemistry are going to help me and the generation to come, mind you am studying Public Relations!

I mean if stuff like tailoring and other skills and techniques are taught as extra classes to students who might be interested in fashion and designing which could earn them a lot of money if they’re really good at it and they’ll get a chance to do something they love. Staying in class for 2-3 hours and after that you’re still same old makes no sense, at least practical training is better! At least one might struggle to get better than yesterday rather than people not even willing to attend classes since they know they’ll get notes and cram 2 hours to exams and pass and forget since passing is more valued than what is actually in someone’s head!  Sometimes I tend to blame parents for pressuring their children to pass I mean, it’s better for someone to do their best and have it all in mind rather than forcing them to be robots!

If it was upon me, I’d banish all exams and prefer practice and performance! Anyways I know skills are better over exams, if only I was in power! Students would have better skills and exams would never be a problem!


Too Soon?

The only thing am sure of in this world is that each and everyone in this world has lost someone so dear to them, either  parents, grandparents,siblings, aunts, uncles, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancée, collegue and who else? oh friends and most importantly best friends and cousins!

What’s the feeling like!?

Doesn’t someone just feel like it’s the end of the world?

Like they should just follow that person and maybe all shall be fine?

Does it hit someone that everything happens for a reason?

But you just can’t seem to understand the reason behind it?

Oh well,as much as it’s sad, death is there and it happens each and everyday of our lives! we just have to face it with strength and courage. If it was up to me, I’d blame it all on Eve but it just won’t make sense , am sure death was part of humans from the start and if it makes you feel better, there’s life after death!

I do understand there are a lot of people who are emotionally unstable but you don’t have to be shy ! If crying makes you feel better, cry your soul out, they say a man isn’t supposed to cry? what if they’re badly hurt!? what if crying will relieve the pain?  Male and female are all the same I don’t see the shame of a man crying, it just shows they’re pushed to the walk too much!

It’s saddening and heart breaking to lose a parent or both at the same time, am not saying the rest isn’t painful but you can’t compare the pain, it’s totally different, the rest you can easily forget but parents you’ll forever have it in mind. As much it’s disastrous, we have to get over it sooner or later! If not, one can always consult a counselor but why lie? Counselors don’t help that much if you’re not helping yourself. Everything always starts with yourself, if you intend to feel pity for yourself you might just waste your whole life trying to bring them back!

All  am tryna say is that, death happens but we have to accept and move on so as to make those who’ve departed proud of us. I hear they always watch over us! Talk about it with someone who understands, laugh about it, cry about it, think about it, close your eyes dream about it but don’t let it make you lag behind!

Apart from death, there’s something called break up! Oh well that’s one of the most devastating thing to happen to an individual apart from actual death , a break up is fake death where only your heart is dead oh well sounds funny but it’s true! Break ups are just the crazy versions of saying goodbye to someone you were addicted to or rather used to. It shouldn’t let you drink yourself to death or starve yourself to death! Instead, feel pretty, have a healthy lifestyle and feel good about yourself because not everybody will make you feel good about yourself! Take that responsibility and make yourself your own hero, not everyone makes us proud , so make yourself proud of being you! But when you think about it and it’s too sad, you can just soak yourself in tears and after that you’ll feel better and laugh about it if possible!

Another loss that might get to us is the loss of a dear friend, not necessarily death but maybe a fall out, some of us tend to be addicted to friends and having a misunderstanding can just get us down to the drain but anyway, you ain’t growing up if you ain’t losing friends!

All loses are painful including family members and everyone that you love, just stand up for yourself and make other people feel better.

All in all, we should all man up and woman up and accept each and everything that happens in this life and move on! Life must continue either way! Maybe that’s what resilience is all about.


Buzz Kill

Have you ever been with your friends then all over sudden they start conversing in their native language and you’re left wondering what on earth is happening?

What was the look on your face?

Didn’t you just feel like walking away roll your eyes and be like whatever?

Didn’t you feel like smaking their faces and ask what on earth they’re talking about?

Or did you just feel insecure because you might have said or done something that annoyed them and they just can’t tell you on your face but instead it’d be better if they gossiped about you so that you don’t feel bad or hurt?

Oh well been there done that but am looking forward to the day where people would just prefer to converse in a language that everyone else understands to avoid insecurities and fears.

I just don’t understand why some people like to announce to the whole world which tribe they belong to! I know people’s different cultures and local languages and I do appreciate and respect them but the screaming and shouting in local languages in public places is just too annoying for life and to stand!

Especially in public service vehicles whereby the drivers and their touts speak about someone in a negative manner not knowing some of the passengers around actually belong to the same tribe and can even tell the person what they’re saying, the ‘don’t care attitude’ sometimes makes people act like stupid beings in this world!

In institutions where services are to be offered fairly sometimes we find that when the person offering services notices someone of the same tribe they might tend to serve them first or rather start making stories and actually forget he/she was handling some serious business! Has this ever happened to you!? and you end up giving the person that look for ‘Hello am here and guess what? I don’t have the whole day! then they pretend they were attending to you? Did you end up cussing after that and swearing never to go back because of pathetic services offered?

Am not against anyone’s culture or anything, if it’s a phone call anyone is allowed to use their local language because it might be some confidential matter and of course not anyone and everyone needs to know!

As for friends, I’d prefer if one just took her friend aside for a while and talk all they want than making the other person feel out of place!

If it’s family gatherings and any other family stuff I believe it’s not a problem commucating in their local languages since everyone understands each other and no ‘bad blood ‘ can be created easily!

As much as there’s too much evil in our society today of tribalism, nepotism, corruption, just but a few, I think everyone should respect each other’s views,opinions, beliefs and practices!

It’s saddening to know that most of our Muslim community members have been branded as terrorists! I don’t think it’s fair at all, most of Muslims are good and humble people, I have friends who are Muslims and they’re way adorable, humble, kind and just like the rest of us! Nothing different! am Christian and I just don’t believe in judging other people without having prove either way, only God should judge so I don’t see the need of human beings giving themselves responsibilities not meant for them! I respect all religions and their beliefs and I choose to mind my own business, messing with other people’s business leads to too much unnecessary problems to be handled!

All am trying to say is that we should use English or Swahili in public places to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary issues with others! And also not to brand individuals according to what people of the same beliefs have done or committed! In short be fair and reasonable in whatever we say and publicize.

All I ever wanted was for the world to be a better place to be at, this can’t be done by trees and shrubs BUT me and you ! it’s upon everyone to ensure they maintain peaceful coexistence among themselves and others.

#WeAreOne MakeTheWorldABetterPlace #RespectEveryone