Rape and Clothing!!!

Let’s join hands and fight rape!


Rebbeca a standard eight girl returned from school one evening.She removed her school uniform, put on her easy, light evening dress and settled on the warm soft couch to watch her favourite program on the television while taking some tea before doing her homework.After a few minutes the mother realises that she forgot to buy some vital ingredients for preparing supper.She decides to ask Rebecca to make a quick dash to the market to get the supplies.Rebecca jumps out of the couch and goes.

On her way to the market she decides to take a short-cut through a forest,forgetting that a shortcut may sometimes be a long cut..A rugged man,a drug addict who had been eying her sees her going through the forest and decides to follow her closely. In the thick of the forest,this predator all of a sudden pounces on her and forcibly rapes her.Sad!

The law took…

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Amazing Piece.

The Outpour Blog

“I really want to lose weight. But I can’t stop eating pizza and drinking litres of soda. I really want to spend more time with my family, but I keep spending a lot of time on social media instead. I totally would like to score well in my finals, but instead of studying, I binge watch every new series in the market”.

That is the story of the lives of some of us. The good we want, we do not do. But the bad we seek not, we end up doing.There is a huge discrepancy between what we know we should be doing and what we actually do.

I have come to realize that many times, we stand in the way of our own success.We block our own sunshine more effectively and more regularly than any other outside force does. We are self sabotaging at an alarming rate.

We have…

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Communicate – Never Preach – on Twitter…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Frances Caballo  on The Book Designer site:

Image from: Bigstock

As I prepared for a presentation for the San Francisco Writers Conference a few years ago, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could come up with an acronym about the way writers should use social media?”

I sat at my desk and played with some variables. It didn’t take long for me to come up with what I thought was the perfect combination. The acronym I settled on is CARE and this is what it stands for:

C – Communicate with your readers.

A – Answer your readers’ questions.

R – Relate to your readers.

E – Educate and entertain.

Joanna Penn devised the term social karma. As she explains it, if you want book sales, buy books. If you want book reviews, write reviews for the books you read. If you want people to like your…

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life plan 4

You know, at times we are not so far away from the life that will fill us with contentment to the brim, in fact we just need to refocus on a few little things and maybe give more value and importance to certain small aspects f our life, and take another view of things, hopefully this will help you a little to place things in the right order…………

Use your time well, it is truly precious, at times we do not realise the value it has, we take on so much and put ourselves on overload ? why ? when a good plan beforehand will put things better in place, you will not explode or meet yourself coming back as they say! When we choose to do things we enjoy, the first part of the plan is to find the time to do just that, enjoy so you have to…

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Simple Ways to Maintain Peace in Kenya.

  1. Respect everyone’s opinion/political views/religious views and beliefs: Each and every person in the world has their opinions regarding politics,religion and other beliefs. This are delicate areas which could easily cause wrangles in the society. To avoid chaos, we should air out our views in an appropriate manner showing respect for the other parties that have different opinions.
  2. Support those around you and encourage them to work hard: This includes family, friends and the needy in the society. Supporting each other emotionally, financially and spiritually could create peace, love and unity among us.
  3. Respect people’s freedoms and rights according to the constitution and societal norms: Deviation from this is luckily to cause conflict.
  4. Encourage inter-marriages among different communities: Inter-relations is luckily to bring peace in our society by reducing tribalism.
  5. Organize cultural events for different communities in order to accept and appreciate other peoples’ culture: It takes time before one can adopt and accept different cultures but if at all we try this, it could promote diversity in culture hence creating peace.
  6. Obey constitutional laws and orders: This is the core of it all. If we follow laws of the nation fully,the rate of crime will decrease leading to a more cohesive nation.
  7. Organize national prayer days at least once a year to commit the nation in God’s/ Allah’s hands: Sounds impossible but if at all one Sunday/Friday in the calendar is dedicated for this purpose, it could lead the country in the right direction. 
  8. Avoid politicising everything: Religious leaders should stick to religion, politicians should stop hiding in religion and the society should upheld its’ standards.