African Fashion Fusion

Concept Images and S&M Modelling Agency presents African Fashion Fusion on 20th August 2016 from 6pm till late.

Come celebrate African Fashion and Culture with us. We’re promotion upcoming designers,models,poets,musicians, photographers, and much more.

Grab your advance ticket at 500/= at Central Park from 15th July from 12noon. Getting an advance ticket grants you a free shoot of upto 10 pictures.

In case you miss out on the advance ticket, there’s a fee at the gate, 800/=.



First Year Anniversary

It’s been one year now since my brother created this website for me, 9th July 2015, but I  officially started using it on 10th July 2015, my very first post was published.

It hasn’t been easy coming up with ideas and all that but I’ve managed either way. I happen to have history in writing. Back in high school, I wrote a play and it was acted out in class, although it wasn’t as good, I think I did quite a great job by writing and directing the play. I also used to write articles and stick them on notice boards and classes as well thanks to being in Journalism and Debate Club. I wrote another play but I apparently lost the book, but I do regret writing it, I was too shallow and immature then.

As per now, am working on two novels hoping they’ll be published once am done writing. I know it won’t be as easy as expected  but I believe in myself, I got this. I have 70 written rap songs but I think they’ll  be  better if preformed by other artistes, I wouldn’t mind trading them.

I have to thank all my viewers from day one who’ve kept it real with me irregardless the content of the blogs. Your views, opinions and comments have pushed me to writing better articles and having a different perspective regarding different matters in this world.

Everytime I publish an article, I already know the ones who’ll view and the ones who’ll ignore it. Although I do send the link to all my contacts and share on all my social media platforms, am sure not everyone bothers. I get ignored at times but am never discouraged, you don’t get all that you want in this life. You have to push on all through to be a great person and make the world a better place as well.

All in all, I appreciate the love, and support from every viewer since day one. It’s been a journey and it’s not over yet till I get a couple of awards and make the world a better place through writing.

It’s only my first anniversary, by my fifth, I’ll have done better and greater work, through your support and God’s guidance of course. Looking forward to a higher readership.

Much love!😃


About a month ago, I had a terrible encounter with a young lady or rather a young mother in a public service vehicle ‘Matatu’. She had a very beautiful baby girl who happened to be sleepy but she couldn’t  neither  hold her  on her laps nor pay fare for her to have a seat.

The road happened to be bumpy and the baby kept on struggling with her sleepy self and the mother didn’t seem to really care but instead, she kept pushing the baby and telling her “Wacha kunisumbua” . I looked at the baby and my heart bled for her, she was so innocent and probably didn’t understand why she deserved such ill treatment from the person she looks upon the most, her mother.

I really wanted to help out but I realized the lady was the loud type and would probably scream at me  making me look like the bad guy. I decided to mind my own business, either way, I had my own luggage and I wouldn’t manage to carry the baby.

The scenario disturbed me the whole evening. I wondered how a mother would treat their own children in such a manner. I mean, if you’re not ready for parenthood , then don’t be one just yet! Ensure you’re 100% sure so as to give your children the best they could ever have.

Most people prefer being young parents but once they have the children, they have no way forward, they have no clue on how to sustain their basic needs and luxury as well.

What if all parents were understandable enough to teach their children on how to trust them on whichever matter? Be it relationship wise, be it academic wise, be it on our lifestyle and sense of fashion and whichever matter?

What if our  parents would allow us to go out all night so long as it’s with the right company ? What if they took time and got to know our friends better? What if they trusted us and believed that we would make the right and appropriate decisions concerning our lives rather than being all over our business?

This month happened to have started on a very low note keeping in mind of the incident that occurred. Young students full of potential, dreams,ambitions and aspirations lost their dear lives as they were enjoying the night away. The night must have been a jovial night as the occasion dress code suggested, all white. To me that must have been a calm night,with music,drinks and lots of fun. But what it turned into, nobody can really explain but it’s painful to friends and family.

We can’t know how many had told their parents of their whereabouts on that night. Most parents tend to assume their children are safe at school not until they’re hit with that call or text implying otherwise. Parents should try and create that bond with their children so that they’re trusted enough to be told anything and everything. So that they can correct instead of condemning. Advice instead of denying permission. Maybe if all parents were understanding,the incident wouldn’t have occurred since they wouldn’t have rushed to go back to school for their absence not to be recognized.

All in all, I believe each and everything that happens, happens for the better good! Maybe for a lesson to be learnt?Maybe for honesty to be observed? Well God knows better, but parents need to do something as well!

Sending peace and love to the bereaved families and friends.