What If … !

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They say you are an all-consuming fire

the Alpha and Omega the beginning and

the end, good and forgiving and living in

your love that stretches from

everlasting … to everlasting.

They say you give strength to the weary,

increase the power of the weak and bring

the dead to life. you; father to the

fatherless, home for the homeless you;

King of kings and Lord of lords who

created the cosmos without losing count

of the hairs on my head. They say you are

God and when I think about you God I ask

what if all the things they say are true,


What if the songs we sing are more than

a metaphor

what if Bible verses are more than a

cute Twitter bio, what if when we pray

we’re not just talking to ourselves, what

if it’s all more real than our current

definition of reality…

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She struggles with a face
Putting on a mask of another
Pictures her face on her body since she has all it takes
Squeezes her mind on to her’s since she has a better IQ
She maps her words and reads her lips
She admires nothing more than just her physique
She gambles with her words while she mumbles her thoughts

She is afraid of her own skin,that she hides underneath her skull
She hides her true beauty just for “boy” child to notice her
Destroys her skin with more chemicals for a guy who never appreciates
If she only knew that all he wanted was her naturals

She admires the socialites, pleases the three legged tongue out boys
She forgets the present means tomorrow is near
Forgets her culture and worship the western
Glorifies the white, criticise the black and swears to be brown

She is tall when she…

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22 Things All Writers Have to Deal With At Some Point Because Writing Is Hard

Novelty Revisions

1. Writing for free.

2. Being approached to write for free. (Too often.)

3. Writing in a very uncomfortable position while on a train/bus/plane/in a car.

4. Trying to write while your fur children/tiny humans are battling for your attention.

5. Falling asleep on your keyboard because you procrastinated again why do you always do this.

6. Wanting to agree to do another writing thing but oops you can’t create more hours in the day. Sad…

7. Accepting a writing gig because you want to buy a thing but can’t justify doing so otherwise.

8. Accepting a writing gig because you need to adult, even though you don’t want another writing gig.

9. Pitching something you don’t really want to write because you know it’ll circulate well.

10. Being able to quit a job you don’t like because you found a writing thing you do like — that pays.


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I highly relate💯

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I had Faith once, but logic got in the way of that.

Now I have lost Faith, and all the good things that come with.

Remember all the times I said logic gives you all the answers,

I lied. Lucidity gave me a sagacity of self-preservation.

But self-preservation comes with a cost.

Self-preservation made a choice for me,

and I put Faith at arm’s length. For a moment I felt safe.

Turns out rationality has cost me the whole enchilada.

Lucidity has cost me Faith, Hope, Love and Happiness.

Shrewdness for some time; Yes, stopped me from making some

bad verdicts, but this time Logic is costing me everything.

Logic kept me sane, from making the “measured” wrong choices

I scrupulously assumed Logic was the way to go, would keep me

in an orthodox state and that I wouldn’t have qualms.

This time, Remorse is knocking on my medulla


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Just how long should you wait!

Realest thing I’ve read today!

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We are now in that time of the year where you wake up at 6am
in the morning, you pull up your bedroom curtain and the rays
of the sun hit your face; you know that time of the year where
mornings come quicker and the night too; it is 6pm and the moon
is already informing you to retire from the days work.

This morning I heard something interesting on the radio, they
were talking about how long one should one be in a dating
relationship before getting to the real thing; like
getting serious and all that. One thing that got me though,
was a woman who said she would need at-least 5 years or more
to be able to learn about all the shit about this guy;
Now that is shit! wtf!! 5 years? I mean are you going through
high or elementary school!!

As it turns…

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Amazing piece!


With the blood that is spilled, the stones that are thrown, the business that make losses, the tears that are shed makes me weak,cautious and afraid
Before my time comes let me show you what we have made of the future

I walk home from a day of losses and before me they stood
You could tell from their face and poses that the argument got heated up as one moved back, picked up a stone while other held a thick branch ready to unleash his wrath

I observed for a second then the name calling started, one threw the stone and missed another ran after him with the cane to strike him but I couldn’t let it happen
I bought two lollipops and suddenly they are friends again
As they stand 40 inches tall
But before this I wonder what could transpire for them to know that a stone…

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