2016 Year Review

2016 has been quite a year for everyone.
I graduated from Cooperative University with a Diploma in Public Relations and I feel like it’s the only course I needed to do regardless Journalism being my passion.


I celebrated my first year blog’s anniversary on 10th July 2016, having 52 posts and 4,440 views and 1,662 visitors. It’s not been easy to cope up with my blog and other things and to get people to view. Alot of people ignore my blog’s link but I keep on pushing. For those who’ve been real since day one, I appreciate the love and support. Come 2017 I’ll be posting regularly and having great content as well.




As a team, S&M Modelling Agency in conjunction with Concept Images Photography produced their first December issue of the Concept World Magazine,
Follow  the link to download your soft copy.
We also held our first event, African Fashion Fusion in August which wasn’t 100% successful but we thank God we managed to pull it off.


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In the fashion industry at large, Evelyn Njambi  managed to make it to the top five in the contest for Miss World, she’s put Kenya on the world map and we’re totally proud of her.



Socially, Kenyans have suffered from drought and floods, building collapsing because of weak foundation. This is mainly because of the huge gap between the rich and the poor. The poor have been exploited by the rich who construct houses with weak foundations and once the building collapses, they’re nowhere to be found.
The common ‘Mwananchi’ has been robbed and our rights are no longer upheld. Billions are stolen day in day out and no action is ever taken. The rich are getting richer and the poor dominate in poverty. It’s so sad how these things happen and nobody cares to make a move or the right turn.
The common ‘Mwananchi’ has no say in a lot of happenings in the country but all we do is pray for a better nation and a better 2017.

Politically, Kenyans have been scattered all over trying to figure out who’s the best leader. In the political world, there’s no good leader, in one way or the other, they’ll still mess up. But it’s good to compare and contrast. That however, doesn’t give you a good leader either, it just shows you who’s less evil than the other.
But Kenyans never listen anyway.  They’ll complain of bad leadership but when it comes to voting, they’ll not cast a vote to determine their leaders.

Kenyans are easily influenced by different political ideologies and don’t take time to understand them but rather start rioting and fighting each other. We’re better than that. We should be united and live in peace, love and harmony. Let’s not allow the greed of political leaders to affect our togetherness. Next year go out there and cast your honest vote and determine your leaders. DO NOT complain of bad leadership if you’re not planning to cast your vote.

2016 hasn’t been an easy journey for many but it has come to an end. What do you want to do better than what you did in 2016?
How many lives do you want to transform in 2017?

It’s the festive season, who have you shared with the little or much you have?

Have you made someone smile?

Have you made someone feel loved?

Have you made someone feel appreciated and worth living life?

Well maybe you haven’t, but next year transform lives and be a better you than who you were this year.

As from me, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017.

Much love,

Sharon Madonna.


Parents should look for better ways to discipline their children.


Spanking teaches children that violence is the solution to problems. It also teaches children that it is okay to use physical violence to control other people and situations. Spanking teaches kids that it is okay to hit the people you love. Spanking teaches them nothing that will be useful or helpful in their adult lives or that will help them to communicate with other people.

What’s your take?

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I present to you 15 things I’ve learned so far in my journeys. It was difficult to downsize to a 15-item list but I managed it. The top five things are the last five at the bottom. It will seem that some of these things should be further down the line. That’s because the most important lessons I’ve learned are not about just writing alone but also how I’ve changed or grown as a person…

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African Fashion Fusion 2


The first edition of the African Fashion Fusion was held on 20th August 2016 at Park Place Hotel.


This year’s​ edition will be on 23rd July as from 10am-5pm at Michael Joseph Center Westlands.


This year’s theme is sexy and glamorous and we’ll be featuring upcoming designers, models, artistes and entertainers at large.


The designers will be showcasing: swimsuits , lingerie, shorts, bikinis and everything sexy and glamorous.


This events’ main agenda is to promote entertainers, models and designers and also to launch Concept World Modelling Agency and introduce the models to the industry.


Tickets available at the CBD contact: 0717704218 to grab your tickets.

Singles: Kshs 800

Couple: Kshs 1200

Group of 5: Kshs 2500

Gate: Kshs 1000

Powered by: Concept World

Sponsored by: Safaricom Limited.