Skills VS Exams!

Who else gets chills once an exam timetable is out?

Do you start asking yourself questions like, if my parents gave me my fees ever since I started school, how far would I be now? Maybe a business owner, with your own money because seriously there’s too much investment in education! Sometimes you look at your fee structure and thank God you’re not the one paying fees! who’s with me?

Anyways, am not a school drop out and am not planning on doing so but it’s just too disturbing to handle somethings in school which actually never apply in real life. For instance let’s talk about Chemistry, how many people are applying it as per now? Apart from those handling the courses associated with it? And some Biology which is too complex! I do understand Biology is somehow applicable but I think the basics should be thoroughly taught rather than the rest of unnecessary topics ! Which are just meant to cram to pass exams rather than actually applying and using in daily life situations.

I think all of us should be taught all the basics at ago for like one to two years then people to be divided according to what they want to specialize in! Doctors and engineers could be grouped together for sciences and those interested in arts left to handle what’s required for them. I don’t think history should be examined, they should be taught to familiarize students with their cultures and traditions and anything useful needed to be known. That would be more interesting and enjoyable at the same time and quite memorable.

Exams are just too crazy for life, or am I the dumb person here?

I prefer everyone imparted with knowledge and skills rather than forced to cram and pass and forget immediately what you just studied! That’s just training robots in our society.

Mathematically wise, I’d prefer if only, division, multiplication, addiction and subtraction were taught cause basically only those ones apply, who’s with me? Or who applies calculus, locus and integration?

Am not tryna be political but I’d highly appreciate if the education system would be revised and made better I mean I’ve talked to most of my friends and all of them are just against the 8-4-4 system and the curriculum and syllabus all together, and am so with them, some things are just useless and we’re forced to stay in classes and study since fees is paid and you have no option, who would like to waste their parents’ money by dropping out!? Not me.

Either way, school’s still important but it would be more important and useful if we were taught stuff that makes sense, I honestly don’t understand how chemical formulas in chemistry are going to help me and the generation to come, mind you am studying Public Relations!

I mean if stuff like tailoring and other skills and techniques are taught as extra classes to students who might be interested in fashion and designing which could earn them a lot of money if they’re really good at it and they’ll get a chance to do something they love. Staying in class for 2-3 hours and after that you’re still same old makes no sense, at least practical training is better! At least one might struggle to get better than yesterday rather than people not even willing to attend classes since they know they’ll get notes and cram 2 hours to exams and pass and forget since passing is more valued than what is actually in someone’s head! Β Sometimes I tend to blame parents for pressuring their children to pass I mean, it’s better for someone to do their best and have it all in mind rather than forcing them to be robots!

If it was upon me, I’d banish all exams and prefer practice and performance! Anyways I know skills are better over exams, if only I was in power! Students would have better skills and exams would never be a problem!



15 thoughts on “Skills VS Exams!

  1. very true. the current system should be scrapped and done with because to be honest, it really doesnt help, well not very much

    and again what’s the point of learning to sit exams that people cheat only to pass and not to really help them in the future.

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  2. Knowledge is key that I admit. I also do admit that our system is greatly failing us. So… What can be done? You wonder… You should have taken part in the Curriculum Review held recently… Your insights could have been helpful.

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    1. So sad I couldn’t but that’s why I want everyone viewing this post to share it out and maybe it might reach the relevant officials who might do something!thanks for your views!πŸ˜„


  3. hahaha…I think the curriculum is just okay..Because it kind of opens one mind to be able and think and reason..And I guess that’s even why you end up writing what you right..because without the knowledge you acquired I think people would have been stupid indeed!

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