Buzz Kill

Have you ever been with your friends then all over sudden they start conversing in their native language and you’re left wondering what on earth is happening?

What was the look on your face?

Didn’t you just feel like walking away roll your eyes and be like whatever?

Didn’t you feel like smaking their faces and ask what on earth they’re talking about?

Or did you just feel insecure because you might have said or done something that annoyed them and they just can’t tellΒ you on your face but instead it’d be better if they gossiped about you so that you don’t feel bad or hurt?

Oh well been there done that but am looking forward to the day where people would just prefer to converse in a language that everyone else understands to avoid insecurities and fears.

I just don’t understand why some people like to announce to the whole world which tribe they belong to! I know people’s different cultures and local languages and I do appreciate and respect them but the screaming and shouting in local languages in public places is just too annoying for life and to stand!

Especially in public service vehicles whereby the drivers and their touts speak about someone in a negative manner not knowing some of the passengers around actually belong to the same tribe and can even tell the person what they’re saying, the ‘don’t care attitude’ sometimes makes people act like stupid beings in this world!

In institutions where services are to be offered fairly sometimes we find that when the person offering services notices someone of the same tribe they might tend to serve them first or rather start making stories and actually forget he/she was handling some serious business! Has this ever happened to you!? and you end up giving the person that look for ‘Hello am here and guess what? I don’t have the whole day! then they pretend they were attending to you? Did you end up cussing after that and swearing never to go back because of pathetic services offered?

Am not against anyone’s culture or anything, if it’s a phone call anyone is allowed to use their local language because it might be some confidential matter and of course not anyone and everyone needs to know!

As for friends, I’d prefer if one just took her friend aside for a while and talk all they want than making the other person feel out of place!

If it’s family gatherings and any other family stuff I believe it’s not a problem commucating in their local languages since everyone understands each other and no ‘bad blood ‘ can be created easily!

As much as there’s too much evil in our society today of tribalism, nepotism, corruption, just but a few, I think everyone should respect each other’s views,opinions, beliefs and practices!

It’s saddening to know that most of our Muslim community members have been branded as terrorists! I don’t think it’s fair at all, most of Muslims are good and humble people, I have friends who are Muslims and they’re way adorable, humble, kind and just like the rest of us! Nothing different! am Christian and I just don’t believe in judging other people without having prove either way, only God should judge so I don’t see the need of human beings giving themselves responsibilities not meant for them! I respect all religions and their beliefs and I choose to mind my own business, messing with other people’s business leads to too much unnecessary problems to be handled!

All am trying to say is that we should use English or Swahili in public places to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary issues with others! And also not to brand individuals according to what people of the same beliefs have done or committed! In short be fair and reasonable in whatever we say and publicize.

All I ever wanted was for the world to be a better place to be at, this can’t be done by trees and shrubs BUT me and you ! it’s upon everyone to ensure they maintain peaceful coexistence among themselves and others.

#WeAreOne MakeTheWorldABetterPlace #RespectEveryone


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