Too Soon?

The only thing am sure of in this world is that each and everyone in this world has lost someone so dear to them, either  parents, grandparents,siblings, aunts, uncles, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancée, collegue and who else? oh friends and most importantly best friends and cousins!

What’s the feeling like!?

Doesn’t someone just feel like it’s the end of the world?

Like they should just follow that person and maybe all shall be fine?

Does it hit someone that everything happens for a reason?

But you just can’t seem to understand the reason behind it?

Oh well,as much as it’s sad, death is there and it happens each and everyday of our lives! we just have to face it with strength and courage. If it was up to me, I’d blame it all on Eve but it just won’t make sense , am sure death was part of humans from the start and if it makes you feel better, there’s life after death!

I do understand there are a lot of people who are emotionally unstable but you don’t have to be shy ! If crying makes you feel better, cry your soul out, they say a man isn’t supposed to cry? what if they’re badly hurt!? what if crying will relieve the pain?  Male and female are all the same I don’t see the shame of a man crying, it just shows they’re pushed to the walk too much!

It’s saddening and heart breaking to lose a parent or both at the same time, am not saying the rest isn’t painful but you can’t compare the pain, it’s totally different, the rest you can easily forget but parents you’ll forever have it in mind. As much it’s disastrous, we have to get over it sooner or later! If not, one can always consult a counselor but why lie? Counselors don’t help that much if you’re not helping yourself. Everything always starts with yourself, if you intend to feel pity for yourself you might just waste your whole life trying to bring them back!

All  am tryna say is that, death happens but we have to accept and move on so as to make those who’ve departed proud of us. I hear they always watch over us! Talk about it with someone who understands, laugh about it, cry about it, think about it, close your eyes dream about it but don’t let it make you lag behind!

Apart from death, there’s something called break up! Oh well that’s one of the most devastating thing to happen to an individual apart from actual death , a break up is fake death where only your heart is dead oh well sounds funny but it’s true! Break ups are just the crazy versions of saying goodbye to someone you were addicted to or rather used to. It shouldn’t let you drink yourself to death or starve yourself to death! Instead, feel pretty, have a healthy lifestyle and feel good about yourself because not everybody will make you feel good about yourself! Take that responsibility and make yourself your own hero, not everyone makes us proud , so make yourself proud of being you! But when you think about it and it’s too sad, you can just soak yourself in tears and after that you’ll feel better and laugh about it if possible!

Another loss that might get to us is the loss of a dear friend, not necessarily death but maybe a fall out, some of us tend to be addicted to friends and having a misunderstanding can just get us down to the drain but anyway, you ain’t growing up if you ain’t losing friends!

All loses are painful including family members and everyone that you love, just stand up for yourself and make other people feel better.

All in all, we should all man up and woman up and accept each and everything that happens in this life and move on! Life must continue either way! Maybe that’s what resilience is all about.



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