As children grow up, the only thing they know and identify with is their mothers. Their first utterance is mom, mama or mommy. Has anyone ever wondered why little kids never utter dad or daddy as their first utterance? Oh well, is it because fathers are always busy making money leaving all the ‘donkey work’ to mothers? Is it because they don’t care about kids until they’re grown and successful so that they can take credit?

Have you ever been left with a kid less than 10 years old ? For a day or few hours? The struggle and torture they make someone go through is just hell on earth!

Children can be the most annoying thing on earth and the most adorable little things in life at the same time. A combination of the two can only be handled by their mothers. Not even siblings!

According to me, being a mother is too much ‘donkey work’ but mothers manage it anyway. Aren’t they just super natural beings? All the hustle and bustle they undergo to raise and tolerate their children from day one to maturity is just amazing. Personally, I don’t think I can do all that mothers do for their children. How on earth do they tell when their kids are sick and where they’re ailing exactly?

I know it’s not Women’s Day or Mothers Day but I appreciate all the mothers in the universe for a job well done. Not for having all the money in the world, not for having the best career in the world, but for raising their kids appropriately. For accepting both pain and joy brought about by their kids and loving them in the most wonderful manner regardless the situation.

Why can’t

everyone take a challenge today? Text, call or if close, tell your mom you love her and appreciate her for everything she’s done for you. Make her feel loved.


20 thoughts on “Superwomen?

  1. he he apparently i have read all your work. and non is captivating as this one..
    mothers are our first miracles… just to put it short..
    but then again not all fathers leave the donkey work.. some fathers are starting to ‘father up’and its encouraging also..

    continue with your work… some of us look forward to them

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