Blessing Or Curse?

What’s technology? What’s it’s impacts on the children? teenagers? youths? old people?

Is the impact positive or negative? Or maybe neutral?

It’s evident that everyone uses technology at whatever point in their lives, it doesn’t have to be daily or a normal routine but either way, all of us need technology to undertake some duties,missions and activities.

As for the children, their use of technology might not be as advanced as for the rest of the members of the society. Mostly what the kids would do with the internet is probably playing games,downloading games,watching cartoons and also movies. At the end of the day, the kids end up happy, satisfied and therefore they don’t have to be victims of negative impacts of technology unlike teenagers and youths who are young adults!

Well I don’t intend to suggest that teenagers and youths use technology in the wrong manner or anything since they tend to benefit from it much! We’ll have to agree that due to technology education has taken a step ahead by enabling further research and even introduction of courses which actually never existed in the past! Technology has apparently made work easier in different angles of life.

For the adults or rather old people, since they tend to be worn out it also comes in handy whereby they need washing machine,dish washer, coffee maker, and all other electronics needed in the house to handle major tasks that the old wouldn’t handle in their situation.

It’s evident enough that technology not only has positive impacts but also has negative impacts but it’s also true to state that the positives outdo the negatives!

Banking has been made easier thanks to technology, mining activities also made possible by accessing the mining sites, E-Learning, agricultural activities made easier since preparations for farming have been made faster and introduction of better farming methods and equipment and even fertilizers,pesticides and insecticides improved.

On the other hand, technology has totally led to laziness! Laziness has actually been taken to another level. First and foremost, most young people are relying on the machines to handle tasks rather than actually handling them, a good example is using the washing machine even to wash inner wears! That’s just too sad for parents who don’t monitor the use of electronic devices in their homes.

Idleness is another effect! Many people would rather stay a whole day watching a movie or tv than handling and doing useful things that could add value in their lives! Others would rather text all day, all night long! Some would actually prefer insulting other people on social media which is an offence I believe.

It’s no secret that technology has somewhat contributed to the posting of pornographic scenes in the internet and even websites made regarding pornography! It’s a sad fact! Terrorism has been increased due to technology since they’re more arms and weapons in the world.

Well I might not have stated all the benefits and demerits of technology but we all know better! Technology is here to stay and all we’ve got to do is cope up with it to ensure it serves us for the right purpose and mission.

Day in day out, new inventions are made and if we decide to be slaves to technology, we’ll be like zombies! And all we’ll be waiting for is the sun to rise and set! A wise decision will be needed in this matter!





2 thoughts on “Blessing Or Curse?

    1. Well it depends, not all, students tend not to know much because sometimes teachers and lecturers themselves Google stuff. So I’d say they try enhance by using the internet, well by also doing actual research in the library and gathering information from primary sources.


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