Future Brighter Than Upbring!

I do believe that each and every person in this world was brought up and raised in a different manner, in a different background and with different beliefs!   I keep telling myself that how I was raised doesn’t determine my future but it does make me the person that I am today. The manner in which one is raised determines their character and behaviors as well. Parents and guardians have to be very careful in the manner in which they raise their children!

This is simply because the children’s character will be compared to that of their parents or guardians. If brought up in a Godly manner, children will tend to be God fearing even if sometimes they make mistakes, well nobody’s perfect in this world!

When children are brought up in a rich family, they’ll tend to be bossy if their parents do not teach them courtesy and how to relate with other people in the society. Most of the rich kids happen to be lazy and braggadocio! They do not take school seriously because they’ve got it all anyway. This makes the children from humble backgrounds feel inferior and out of place. But one thing the kids coming from humble backgrounds should learn is that, their upbringing doesn’t determine their future but it is meant to sharpen and prepare them for the future!

It doesn’t really matter if one comes from a rich or humble background, what really matters is how they take the current situation they are in and how they tend to change it and make it better! Most of us would love our children to have better lives than ours. Go to better schools than the ones we managed to go to, have adequate protection against social evils, have all the basic needs for their well being. But before we get to think of that , we’ve got to think of the steps to undertake to achieve our goals and objectives for a better future! Personally, I’d love to make all the street children my children by building them a home, a place they can sleep peacefully, get food without begging for it, having adequate security without having to fight, have a goodnight sleep without depending on drugs! That looks so easy hence so hard to achieve! But the best part is, I’ve got a goal that I’m struggling to achieve! Everyone should have a particular objective that they’ll love to achieve for the betterment of the society and themselves as well. Ensure that they get to live a better life than the one their parents managed to provide them with. I’m sure all parents expect their children to be successful and that’s their daily prayer! We ought not to disappoint them at all, but make them proud of us. The best you can give your parents is being successful in life in the most appropriate manner and not through handling shady, illegal businesses!

All in all, my main intention is to let everyone know that however they’re brought up, they should do their level best and ensure their future is much better than that! Since there’s improved technology, improved education system and also many youngsters happen to be very creative and capable of handling anything and everything in this world! #StayFocused!



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