The Festive Season!

Here comes December and everyone is very excited about it! It’s a good feeling all the same.

Some people tend to wait for December in January. This is the time when families unite all over the globe . It is the time when all schools are closed and most parents are on a leave! Some families would prefer going for vacations,others going to upcountry or rather “Ushago”,others would prefer staying home and making family moments, others would prefer committing their time to the needy people in the society.

December is a month just like any other but happens to be important to Christians since it’s the month Jesus Christ was born but all the same all religions celebrate it either way so it’s a uniting factor!

This month also happens to be the time whereby musicians would make use of their talents and compose songs about Christmas which really earns them a fortune I’d say since everyone is always in the Christmas mood.

As much as we tend to have a good time as families, friends or a couple, we shouldn’t forget about the less fortunate people in the society . The little you share with them, they’ll always appreciate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money or food, even just your time will be enough for them to appreciate. But share food too and clean water since water is life!

It’s that time of the year where you just feel love in your heart to do everything useful in your life and other people’s life as well. But all in all, we should be very careful because not everyone that smiles for you is for you! This happens to be the time of the year where much evil goes on. Terror attacks, accidents on the roads, kidnapping of children, and much more.

It’s thereby everyone’s responsibility to take care of themselves and those they love. For those who drive it’s advisable not to drink and drive! Although this has been repeated over and over, some drivers never seem to care. But for those who would like to make the world a better place would rather do the right thing and stay safe!

As for me, I wish everyone in the world a blessed festive season and Merry Christmas in advance. Stay safe wherever you are and make sure you accomplish your resolutions before the year ends!

Always remember to share what you have because it’s not your right! And you’re not lucky, you’re just blessed!


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