It has come to my attention that there’s lack of balance in Kenya and Africa at large.

The gap between the rich and the poor tends to be large and the governments don’t seem to really work on that matter! Instead, they keep handling unnecessary businesses that don’t benefit the common citizens!

I have no idea how the government plans it’s budget or how it spends it’s finances but I’d highly recommend that they should increase expenditure but not for the sake of the politicians but the common citizens!

Many youths who’ve graduated from colleges and universities are jobless and sometimes I wonder why I even go to school! This might make many teenagers and youths drop out since they already know there are no job opportunities in the country! All these is due to rampant corruption, tribalism fraud and misappropriation of funds. Political differences might also lead to unfair distribution of funds in some regions in the country.

Kenya is not developed as a whole, oh well I almost forgot it’s a developing country. But that doesn’t give the politicians the right to take advantage of their position as leaders and steal from the citizens. I’m sure they’re allocated with some funds for development of different regions and areas in the country but after every term of leadership, it’s always the same!

As citizens, not only Kenyan citizens but citizens of any given country, we should know our rights and shouldn’t be manipulated to vote for leaders who will exploit us! Petty amounts of money for bribes to select a certain leader might lead to pathetic results afterwards.

The leaders selected should be competent, highly educated whereby they know what’s best for the country and probably know the right decisions to make. They should have goals to achieve and not propaganda they pass through the media during campaigns !

On the streets of Nairobi, there are many street children and families and that’s way sad. If it was up to me, I’d ensure most of them if not all, have a place they can call home. It’s sad not being capable to afford basic need

All in all, I won’t deny that most people in the world are hustling hard and struggling to make it in life, to have a better life than the life they grew up! A little effort daily can lead to something big not soon enough but patience pays as well.

As a teenager, I’d like to urge all other teenagers, youths and all young people to add a little more effort on whatever they’re doing, life is a game and only the best players afford to score and win! Everyone wants to be rich or rather comfortable but before all that happens, you have to struggle a little and be uncomfortable a little! Comfortable people don’t have to work but when uncomfortable, you’ll struggle to be comfortable and that will be good for you!

I believe everyone has got what it takes to be whatever they want to be only if they’re determined, persistent,courageous, hardworking, creative since not everyone is capable of using their education! Although it is necessary to study but creativity always comes in handy. And always put God first! Because no one can be without Him although many pretend to be superior, at the end of the day they lay down in their beds and say “Thank you God”

Let’s pray for the world to be a better place to be in, and that one day even those in the streets will have a home and good leadership will be into place sooner than expected!


6 thoughts on “Disproportion!

  1. that’s very true Sharon
    most youths end up engaging in vices coz of lack of jobs
    I think we should look more on being self employed rather than depend on jobs which are not promised
    God is love

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