Misplaced Priorities

In the world today, each and everything surrounds us is equal to a distraction.
No, am not saying you shouldn’t spend quality time with your family and friends. All am trying to say is that, sometimes we all need that alone time just to meditate on our lives and how we need to improve on certain things.
Most of the times we’re caught up in the middle of idling around or doing nonsensical things that aren’t beneficial in our lives.

Personally, reality shows will be my death sentence. I’d prefer watching them all day everyday and trust me, I wont get bored or even sleepy.
But everytime I remember that television am watching doesn’t belong to me, I get chills and desire to work for my own television.

Parents should act as a perfect example to their children and all youngsters in general. If for instance a father prefers going out for drinks with his friends over the weekend than spending quality time with his loved ones, what does that imply to his children?
Does it imply that family comes first? Does it imply that pleasure comes before those who matter to you?
Does it imply that friends come first before family?
The priorities parents make affect the priorities of their children and they’re the same people who’ll complain about their children being irresponsible and disrespectful.

Sometimes I do feel like am older than those who are actually older than me. No, am not perfect but I always struggle to make an appropriate decision and priorities when it comes to my life. It’s not like I wouldn’t prefer eating 10 bags of fries and sleeping for a whole week even if I know it’s unhealthy and a waste of my life. Given a chance I’d sleep for a week and forget about the whole wide world. But again I think twice, how will I recover the time I’ve wasted? Time is the most essential gift that God gave us. But it can also be the worst gift if you don’t utilize it accordingly.

Let’s not watch our friends make improper decisions and priorities. Let’s try and help each other out to making good decisions and prioritizing on what’s necessary rather that what’s wanted. We should be a good example to our youngsters for a better tomorrow.

This might not be the best piece I’ve ever written, but I’ve been trying to figure out on how to express it. I had a better piece but thanks to low Wi-Fi connection, I  lost it. Alhough it can’t be equally the same,  am hoping it has sent a message to someone somewhere and it’ll influence one or two people to make appropriate decisions for their own benefitcial value.
Thanks very much for viewing and for the continuous support. Love and respect.
Regards, Madonna.


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