Dreams Come True?

They say dreams come true but am seriously praying and hoping that this doesn’t come into reality.

On Saturday night, I had a terrible dream, or isn’t that what they call a nightmare?

I was apparently back in school, high school am guessing since I was with few of my classmates back then. We happened to be at a bus station close to school and it was flooded. The bus was coming close to pick passenger at the bus stop and the passengers drowned including ourselves. I struggled and I managed my way out of the water and helped my friends out as well. It was seriously terrifying.

When I woke up, I wondered what could be the meaning of that dream and the thing that came into my mind was pretty sensible. Here comes 2017 where elections are to be held. Am urging everyone who’s 18 years and above to practice their duty and vote for industrious leaders. This is because as the capital city, Nairobi, we have poor draining and pathetic environment. Poor draining leads to flooding and destruction of people’s lives and property.

Let’s get rid of that animosity amongst ourselves, let’s not bother which tribe the leader we’re selecting is. As much as we see the potential in them, that’s good enough.  Let’s decide as individuals without pressure or influence from the politicians, friends or even family. If you’re 18 years and above, you probably know how to make appropriate decisions all by yourself, so please decide for yourself. Practice that duty as a must do responsibility. If you don’t, an sure you’ll be the first person to complain of poor leadership in the country. Just try and select the leaders who will make our country a better place to be at. Kenya is a great beautiful land with beautiful people, let’s not underestimate our potential to making our country more beautiful.

Let all of us go to the ballot box next year and make a difference. Lets spread love, peace and unity amongst ourselves irregardless of tribe, background and different political views.

We are one people, full of potential, let’s not underestimate that. Let’s not allow that dream to happen.


8 thoughts on “Dreams Come True?

    1. Thanks Perez, you’re one of the most loyal viewers, I appreciate that.
      Am aware highschool wasn’t the best place to be but we managed anyway, so we’re definitely strong beings!


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