8 thoughts on “No, It’s Not Your Personal Car!

  1. Hi shannmadge,
    I have the similar view with you, I think it is important for people to aware of their personal hygiene in order to keep the public transport clean and comfortable!
    Some people even saying “more bacteria is better for immune system” for being an excuse for not to make effort on public transport hygiene!
    I am doing a campaign exactly about bringing the facts of how dirty is our transport, and aim to raise the awareness to maintain a better hygiene in our public transport.
    Please support “A Cleaner Transport, Y Not” 🙂 Thank you


    1. Hello there, am so happy I’ve found someone with the same perspective as myself. I’ll sure support your movement. Let’s ensure hygiene is everyone in our lives. Not only in the transport system but in all our doings. Thanks.

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