Transformation,Pain or Pleasure?

As far as am concerned, each and every transformation I’ve undergone I’ve shed bitter tears.

At about 5 years old, my primary teeth started loosening up and that was never a subject of discussion. I would rather keep it to myself than communicate that my tooth was ready for removal. But when I look back, and see how flawless my dental formula is, a big smile is observed.

My first day at school, I couldn’t understand how hostile my guardians were to take me to a place I’ve never been before . I cried hoping to be taken back home but it was all in vain. I got used with no time and even better, made friends. Funny enough, I repeated nursery school. No, I wasn’t dumb, they claimed I was too tiny yet too smart as well.

The first time I realized people actually die and they can’t be seen again, I shed a tear and couldn’t imagine I’d disappear one day as well. May all our beloved ones Rest In Peace.

In class 6, where I happened to repeat due to post elections violence, I pierced my ears, thanks to the pressure of my brother Brian Luvaga, there’s no such great pain as that. Keeping in mind the person who influenced you was actually making fun. I cried my eyes out and as per now, whenever I look at myself in the mirror I laugh at myself but tap myself on the shoulder as well. I look good in earrings.

When I was in class 7,I started my monthly periods, I have to say I was ignorant, I didn’t really concentrate whenever girl talks were held. I thought I’d be a baby forever, well my bad. I must say I was ashamed at first and cried thinking it was the end of the world but later on, I learnt it was a normal cycle and life had to continue.

In class 8, after my KCPE results were out, where I had managed to score 363 marks which I must say I expected more, I mean I used to score 400 marks and above ย mostly. On the other hand, my brother scored 401, I shed a tear immediately after his results’ text came through. No, he wasn’t my competition, and of course I wasn’t jealous. I just felt inferior regardless having put too much efforts. As per now I must say I try to challenge him although he’s still smarter but I never let myself feel any lesser either .

When I was admitted in high school, which happened to be my first time in boarding school and my first time away from home for a period of more than a week. I didn’t know how to survive keeping in mind all the hostile stories I’d heard about high school. To me, it was a suicidal mission. Regardless being scared, I got the most heart-warming welcome from the senior students which made me calm down and even made more friends.

Either way, high school wasn’t a bed of roses. Each transformation has its own ups and downs as well. After the four years, I managed to get a B- and Brian on the other hand, got an A- , yes, this round I didn’t cry, I was a big girl. I was happy for him and happier for me.

And yes, during my first break up I did cry too but a girl has got to move on, head high .

All I’m trying to put across is that, transition could be painful, but it all depends on how you take it, endure, persevere and carry on.

Yes, we’re human beings, prone to failure, humiliation,sin, drama,heartbreak ,trauma and much more. However, how to tackle situations has a great effect not only on you as an individual but also on those around you.

Think about it,transformations aren’t that bad after all. They have a moral lesson. Sometimes they’re for the better. It all depends with your attitude.

In this whole wide world , you have to compete with yourself. If you choose to compete with the world, you’ll lose your battles.



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