Acceptance isn’t Appreciation!

As much as some of the countries in Africa are developed, it’s still considered as a developing continent.

The main reason as to why it’s considered developing is due to poor polital,social and economic growth in most countries.

My main concern is that, leaders are appointed to cater for the needs and fight for the rights of the disabled but they tend to ignore their duties and obligations. Instead, they venture into political matters and roles rather than their social roles.

There are many disabled people in our country, Africa, and the world at large. They tend to face many challenges both physical and emotional. Others are abandoned and secluded from other people and families. This isn’t the right way to handle the situation, they have to be accepted the way they are and appreciated. There couldn’t be a better version of them other than themselves.

As much as most of them strive to meet ends, they don’t seem to be in a better position as others. This is due to exploitation and lack of equal opportunities.

For instance,most institutions don’t have rumps or elevators to cater for the physically disabled people in different institutions like school and universities. Brails to cater for the blind and the necessary papers they need. A good example is my school, we happen to have one blind student who requested for the papers in the first semester last year September, in March, nothing had been done yet! Fortunately, some female lecturer decided to follow up, am hoping he was attended to accordingly.  Sign language interpreters for the deaf and dumb seem to be very few. I do appreciate the media houses like KTN that ensures there’s always a sign language interpreter in each and every broadcasting session.

Am 100% sure there are funds allocated to cater for the necessary facilities for the physically, visually and hearing impaired persons in organizations and institutions but in one way or another, the funds are not used accordingly and nothing useful is achieved!

My sister, Sydney Asagi, an International Relations student, seems to have alot to say regarding this situation. She mentioned that it would be such a great idea if the disabled could have their own residential areas where they won’t have to feel any lesser since they’re the same. This isn’t a form of seclusion, it’s just a way to make them feel at ease. The area should be well equipped with all the necessary facilities that they’ll need for their survival. She also mentioned that if the public transport would ensure that there are vehicles that would cater for their transport whereby they don’t have to struggle with other people to get to their destinations. As much as we’ve accepted the disabled, we dont seem to appreciate them, hence we tend to worry about ourselves first,the major killer of the world today !

In short, all countries should ensure that the rights and freedoms of the disabled are upheld accordingly! Those appointed,male and female, to cater for the needs of the disabled , should be disabled so that they’ll handle the matter well since they know the struggle unlike the normal people who’ll work upon getting wealthy than for the needs of the disabled.

Each and every person should work upon helping,accepting and appreciating the disabled. We don’t have to be in power to help! There are very many people out here who can help, and it’s upon everyone to take action, today not tomorrow! Do good, and God Himself will find a way to repay you!



19 thoughts on “Acceptance isn’t Appreciation!

  1. Well said there,,, true,, just because we accept doesn’t mean we appreciate!! But that sector of having a residential place for the disabled to me it’s some sort of discrimination, we should let them be a part of the whole society because they human too only that they are abled differently.

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  2. Disabled people need more invested in their education, housing, job training, transportation, assistive technology, and independent-living facilities.
    Governments earn back this investment and more- by making people with disabilities economically productive citizens.
    Good piece sharon! Disability is not inability!

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  3. So well said since this is an overlooked issue by everyone me included,that needs attention, because we forget the struggle that the disabled go through until the minute you collide with them in town or in a matatu and you can see the pain in their eyes and bruises left by their struggles.

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  4. I think that its the high time something is done to support them..coz their struggle is real..and such blogs should be a stepping stone to challenge those in authority to do something about the issue..nice work

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