Male or Female?

As much asĀ there are feminists and chauvinists, it shouldn’t be based on one gender support! I’d prefer if the society accepted both male and females as equal being without discriminating against any gender.

The world will be the best place to be only when there will be social,political and economical rights of the both genders! It doesn’t really matter about age,size or emotions. All that mattersĀ is that sense of belonging where both sexes feel appreciated.

I have to agree that the society has focused more on the girl child in such a way that the boy child has been forgotten and not empowered anymore. I’d advocate for both sexes to be given equal attention and opportunities.

For instance, in Kenya, the girl child is favored when it comes to joining high school and also college or rather university. The points of girls are slightly lower than that of the boys hence the girls will tend to lazy around with the reason that they’ll get a chance to study either way. According to me, that’s not fair at all! Both sexes should be given equal opportunities to study smart if not hard.

African leaders should join efforts and ensure that equality is enhanced since most leaders seem to be traditionalists. All in all I’m hoping and praying that equality of both sexes with be addressed all around the world. Since we’re equal beings and require equal treatment.


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