Not Political! ✌

Sometimes I wonder what if I was the President?
Oh female president?πŸ’
I’d seriously make my state the best at whatever cost. I’d ensure that the teachers are well paid and trained to be effective to their profession. And health workers trained to their level best to avoid wack services to the citizens and also ensure they’re paid well to avoid strikes which lead to deaths of not only one but many people! Also ensure that all the equipments are well maintained and in good condition all the time!
As for civil servants, they should also be paid according to the services they offer and no corruption at whatever cost!
I’d ensure that the MPs and ministers are taxed as well since they’re also citizens and do expect to receive high quality services just as the other citizens.
On the security organs,they should be well equipped and paid well to avoid corruption on the side of traffic police.
They should be treated like human beings too. The ones who are offered accommodation it should be presentable and With adequate facilities.

In case of any internal terrorism, the plans to curb the mayhem is not to expose the details to the media since the information will of course get to the terrorists.
And I guess the President should read this and take action 😊
And again I’m not political at all✌✌

Wouldn’t I be the best female President?


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