African Culture!

For so long, the African culture has been neglected especially in terms of dressing. Many people think it’s shady to rock some African wear but guess what?
Not anymore! Many celebs even from Hollywood that is Beyonce and Rihanna have rocked African wear in the streets and not only did they look stunning but also identified with the African culture ! Hello they alsPhotoGrid_1437598139073o have some African blood.
Few countries upheld the African mode of dressing without making it look shady and outdated! Good example is Nigeria and South Africa. Their musicians are not scared to reveal it as well.
Their dressing is classy too.
Lately the African print has been on point since everyone wants a piece of it. All we need to do is be proud of our culture and mode of dressing as well.
Being racist isn’t a culture we’re all human beings created by one supernatural being,God ,Allah for others but we’re one!



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