What’s Cool To You?

Cool is different with different people!
But what’s cool really? Is it not being a virgin? Doing drugs till you pass out in public places?
Skipping school?
Cursing every time and all the time? Regardless the age of whoever you’re cursing?
Hating on those who are prettier than you and well of than you?
Is cool always being on the negative side because it sounds cooler and awesome?
Well really that’s not what cool is all about!
Being cool is definitely being calm and associating with people politely no matter what!
Well your cool ain’t another persons cool so cope up with different people according to how they were raised because we weren’t raised in the same way!
Different styles of living affect either positively or negatively the lives of people! Well parents should be the ones to be addresses to upbring their kids in an appropriate manner! We all copy what we see from our parents sometimes 😕
Either way ensure your cool is real cool and not crappy cool!



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