Don’t try too hard!

We sometimes struggle or rather try too hard in everything that we do!
Trying too hard makes whatever you’re doing extra difficult! Or rater senseless and useless.
Sometimes we have to let nature take it’s course and things happen according to their destiny. But really how many people still believe in destiny?
It doesn’t matter what you believe in, so long as you just put your efforts right without overdoing something or stressing out too much!
Trying too hard is equally the same as doing nothing! In terms of relationships trying to be a perfect couple is the same as trying to break up with your partner! Be you and make your partner understand you the way you are!
Nobody’s perfect!
We just have to be us and work hard and play hard moderately, either way we got nothing to lose in this world but to make it a better place and be happy.😊 with whoever makes us happy !
And feel happy and good about ourselves! Don’t struggle with fashion and trends, stick to your style! That’s what defines you and takes your body the way it is!
Trying so hard is killing yourself softly!




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