Make It A Hobby?

We all have different body types and shapes!
But it only depends on how we take care of ourselves so as to look good and stunning the way we are other than comparing ourselves with celebrities or rather public figures!
Keeping our bodies in good shape is brought about by first having a high self-esteem! Eating good and moderately, good working out and staying happy and loving those around you for you to live long so they say!
We all definitely have different ways of working out as long as it serves the same purpose it doesn’t really matter which one you prefer!
Some people work out so as to lose weight but I’d recommend you work out to keep fit since some people can’t lose weight due to their body type! No one is to blame though. As long as they do maintain themselves and love themselves,each and every dream is achievable!
Working out has to be one of your best hobbies since you feel good and relieved after a 15 minutes good workout! Even though sometimes we have to complain of random pains!
Being healthy and staying heathy Is all that matters!



2 thoughts on “Make It A Hobby?

  1. So true..there are 3 body types of human beings and they’re genetic..β™‘.β™‘β™‘.β™‘β™‘.β™‘ *β™‘*


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