Everyone Can Be A Model ☺

Modelling might be all about size,weight and beauty but it’s also beyond that!
Not all models have to be petite, there are also oversized models and they also do it big! Just like the petite models as well.
We don’t have to hate ourselves for being oversize or skinny.
We’re beyond weight. Love yourself before anyone can love you😄
All models face discrimination in different ways, maybe being shorter than the height required , this is depressing even to me😢
Others because they don’t have the perfect catwalk for runway models that is.
Others simply because they don’t strike perfect poses at the first shot!
Well nobody’s perfect😕
We’re just in this world to try our best shot and make it big 💁
Others coz they’re dark and the agencies actually needs lighter models! Very depressing!
Been in such a situation and it ain’t pretty at all!😖
All in all we gotta love ourselves and give everything we do our best shot 😊


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